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Yaz-yasmin Different Product Liability Lawsuits

Yaz-yasmin Different Product Liability Lawsuits

Yaz-Yasmin has become a popular medicine. This drug had emerged out in the year of 2006. The Food and Drug Administration or FDA had approved this drug and soon people started using it. This is an oral contraceptive drug, consumed to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This drug is also used to cure acne problems of women.

Ever since the approval of this drug several product liability lawsuits have been filed and many have already been settled across the USA.

Those who have used this drug has many complains. Some have suffered from severe blood clotting. Some of the patients have endured heart attacks. Even death is not an uncommon incident among the consumers of the drug.

Different lawyers specialized in product liability law have joined force to file class action lawsuits against the Yaz-Yasmin manufacturers. They have accused the company of hiding important facts from the consumers and the doctors. Manufacturers have promoted the drug and exaggerated the benefits and thus misleading the consumers into buying the drug. The regular use of the drug is said to increase the rate of heart attacks and other fatal ailments like kidney failure.

To solidify the claims of negligence the plaintiffs have produced reports of the medical analysts. According to these reports the drug contains drospirenone and a diuretic. The combined effect of these two elements is a sudden rise in potassium. The eventual result of this rise is distortion in heart beats and disruption in blood flow. With time these cause blood clotting. The manufacturers have kept this information from the consumers.

In Ohio a class action lawsuit has been filed by the consumers of the drug. It is said that the drug use has caused death of more than 50 consumers. With time the lawsuits have been filed in different states of the US. If the surveys are to be believed more than eleven thousands lawsuits have been filed so far against the manufacturer of the drug.

Carefully use this drug. Watch out for symptoms like sudden fatal pain, needle like sharp pain in the chest and sudden swelling over the arms. These symptoms mean the drug is not working properly and you may need to quick medical advices. Getting in touch with a competent doctor for guidance will be a wise decision.

In case, you or a loved one has suffered some kind of injury due to the consumption of the drug, you are entitled to receive compensation for the injury and suffering. You are also entitled to be compensated for the medical expenses you had to endure due to the consumption of the drug. Without delaying you should contact a lawyer who has the expertise and experience of handling class action lawsuits. Also, the lawyer needs to have in-depth knowledge of different drugs. To handle product liability lawsuit you need a specialist lawyer.

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Yaz-yasmin Different Product Liability Lawsuits