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Wise Up About Reiki Liability Insurance

Wise Up About Reiki Liability Insurance

Among all the different kinds of complementary care practitioners

, reiki practitioners may have the biggest challenge in understanding the need for liability insurance. This is because many reiki therapists do not even touch their clients during a days work. If they do happen to lay their hands on a client, it is typically a very light touch.

However, reiki practitioners are not immune to the need for reiki therapist liability insurance. It is wise to understand that the professional reiki therapist carries some of the same risks as any other person who provides services to the public.

Perhaps the number one reason to secure reiki liability insurance is for the general liability coverage your policy will provide. This portion of your reiki therapist liability insurance will offer financial coverage in cases where someone has an accident on the property of your reiki practice.

The general liability coverage you get with good reiki liability insurance should serve as a safety net to save your practice in case a client ever does file a legal claim against you, due to an accident that simply happened on your property. This might mean tripping over a small rise in the floor or slipping on a slick spot in the bathroom. Whatever the cause of the accident may be, if it happens on the property of your reiki business, then you are at risk.

As you can see, this key part of reiki therapist liability insurance really has nothing to do with the practice of reiki, or the fact that reiki often involves little or no physical touching of your clients. If you secure reiki liability insurance for one reason only, it will probably be for the general liability coverage such a policy can provide, or perhaps it is because you live and work in a region where reiki liability insurance is required before you can get up and running as a professional practitioner.

Regardless of your reasons, once you have made the decision to get reiki therapy liability insurance, you will not only have the protection of general liability coverage, but you will also have several other forms of coverage and possibly quite a few perks.

For example, your reiki liability insurance should also come with malpractice and product liability coverage, offering the necessary financial safety net should one of your clients ever claim damage or injury either due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional reiki therapist, or due to a product used in your practice.

When you search out the best possible reiki liability insurance program, you should also be able to get some other forms of protection or coverage, such as reimbursement for lost or stolen equipment, rental damage coverage, or even identity theft protection insurance.

Best of all, a solid reiki therapy liability insurance policy can be found for less that a couple hundred dollars per year a fee that is most likely deductible as a business expense. As for those extra perks, look for a reiki liability insurance program that offers added benefits, such as vendor discounts and templates for a free website or newsletter.

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Wise Up About Reiki Liability Insurance