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Wildlife Control Can Keep You and Your Property Safe

Deer sightings are quite common in many places where decades ago

, residents may have never seen a live deer. Countless cars have been damaged due to deer getting caught in the beams of oncoming headlights and not knowing which way to go. Gardens and flowerbeds fall victim to the hunger pangs or deer and other wildlife. Squirrels can damage electrical wires and cause fires in attics. Bats can do their share of damage when they can get into attic spaces and breed.

Wildlife has a place on the planet, but that place is usually in the habitat where animals naturally live and thrive. When wildlife roam among humans and in busy areas, the result can be dangerous for all involved. Humans risk being bitten or attacked; and having to deal with expensive damage to property. Harmless and helpless animals might be attacked by humans who assume that the animals might hurt them.

Control your surroundings and control wildlife

If you live in an area where wildlife seems to be encroaching, you can take some steps to keep unfriendly or pesky critters at bay. First, never feed wildlife or leave food stuff in a place where wildlife might be attracted to it. This means that food scraps such as fruit peels and rinds should not be tossed a yard, field or wooded

areas near the home. These can attract wild animals looking for a bite to eat. Keep trash cans sealed tightly and never let garbage overflow. The scent of decaying food matter can attract certain animals and keep them coming as long as they are successful at finding a good meal. If you live in an area where wildlife sightings are frequent and you have pets or farm animals, make sure those animals are protected so that they don't become easy prey.

Another situation that is attractive to wildlife is the presence of overgrown bushes, grasses and trees. Squirrels, raccoons and other animals like protective hiding places and can surprise a homeowner who reaches a hand into an area only to be bitten. Keeping the yard manicured and bushes and trees trimmed, can go a long way in keeping unwanted visitors out of the yard. Openings in attics should be closed or screened to keep bats and squirrels from entering and wreaking havoc on the dwelling.

If the previously mentioned preventive measures do not work to rid your property of unwanted wildlife, don't take matters into your own hands. You could be injured trying to remove wildlife on your own. An animal could attack out of fear and others could have rabies. There are plenty of professionals who are experienced in handling wild animals. They have the know-how and equipment to address your wildlife problem. They can use harmless cages or other traps to remove the creatures in a humane manner. If your wildlife situation seems to be getting out of hand, contact your local animal control agency or a company that specializes in trapping and removing wildlife from the premises.

Wildlife Control Can Keep You and Your Property Safe

By: Drake Crossland
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Wildlife Control Can Keep You and Your Property Safe