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Wildlife Art In Britain And Africa.

Wildlife Art In Britain And Africa.

British wildlife, and African wildlife live on separate continents

. Yet British artists share their love of the animals through a single medium, paintings.

One of the most talented artist's of his time is undoubtedly Sir Edwin Henry Landseer. His style has been described as realistic. Realism artist believed in painting their subjects without exaggerated emotionalism. To show life as it was. His paintings did this. From the ragged looking lion portrayed in 'Lion Drinking At A Stream' to the brutality of the hunt in the painting, 'Hunting of Chevy Chase'.

From Sir Edwin Landseer to today's artist, one theme has remained clear; the feel and admiration of wildlife can be shown from Africa to Eutope. A British wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd, has given back much to the animals he owes his success to, by raising money to help protect endangered species. His career as a wildlife artist began in 1960, when he was commissioned by the Royal Air Force, to paint pictures of local wildlife in Kenya.

The success of his paintings have given him the title as one of the finest and most sought after artists. The painting, 'Storm Over Africa' is a prime example of his work. With a low viewpoint and looming central figure, the painting of elephants is remarkable.Wildlife Art In Britain And Africa.

Sometimes the subjects of his paintings are quite small, but nevertheless just as inspiring. The painting, 'Winter Foxes' shows the gentleness of the animals sitting in the underbrush. The rich, soft colors of the foxes fur draws the viewers eye. In 'The Dormouse' one can almost see the quiver of the whiskers. It is the ability to create the small, incidental details in his paintings that draws, and holds the viewers attention.

Scotland born artist Eric Wilson, makes his home in Derbyshire, England. His paintings have been sold all over the world. Being close to wildlife in Africa and India can be very dangerous at times. Yet one must say they are worth the effort. With an ability to capture light that rivals the best photographer, his paintings literally glow. The meticulous painting is wonderful.

Looking at the painting 'Kingfisher in blossom', it can be noticed that the eye of the Kingfisher is focused directly upon a ladybird sitting on a nearby twig. Blossoms appear in beautiful colours and textures, exact and well defined.

His African wildlife paintings are rich in character, and textures as well. Lions hunting Zebra, the title being 'Run for your life', tends to make the viewer quickly aware of the urgency in the painting. It is difficult to know wether to feel sorry for the prey, or to be happy that the hunter has mangaed to find a meal atlast. All of his paintings are filled with rich details that mimic life closely.Wildlife Art In Britain And Africa.

Toni Hargreaves' interest in wildlife as a subject started in 1997. While exhibiting at the British Falconry Fair, she was introduced to several international wildlife artist. Kenya is known for its safaris, it is there that she managed to find her own unique style. The manner in which she portrays everyday birds illustrate her unique style.

Attention to detail leads the viewer to appreciate the subject in its home. the painting, 'Chaffinch in Blossom' has color details only a careful observer would make note of.

African wildlife paintings such as, 'Protective Custody' show lions in their natural habitat, not only as predators, but parents as well. All of these artists and hundreds like them, portray wildlife to its benefit and ours.

by: David Tatham
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