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Why You Still Need a Holiday in a Recession by:Kayla Reid

Why You Still Need a Holiday in a Recession by:Kayla Reid

A recession, by its very nature, is a prolonged period of intense stress for most of us

. Bank balances are dwindling, opportunities are all but disappearing and debt levels are rising to untenable levels. Instead of creeping into our proverbial shells and licking our fiscal wounds, however, the healthy alternative is simply to take a break.

It is arguably at these difficult times that we need to re-charge our batteries and take a look at life, not through the jaundiced eye, but with untrammelled hope and positive intent. How many times do we return from holiday with a totally different and positive view of life?

Soothing, green environments are the answer

Research has shown how green, natural environments are the soothing answer to many of our woes. Somehow, by communing with nature, an environment not governed by time, we allow ourselves to prioritise our needs and wants.
Why You Still Need a Holiday in a Recession by:Kayla Reid

In the middle of the African bush, for instance, the fact that our luxury 4x4 has been repossessed seems to lose importance and instead we marvel at the sheer simplicity of nature, where only food and shelter are priorities.

Safari holidays are run on 'African Time'

Southern Africa is, arguably, the perfect destination for those of us suffering from burn-out and financial fear. Safari holidays are run on 'African Time' i.e. effectively no time at all. In other words, travellers are urged to enjoy the opulence of the bush at their own pace - a snail's pace, if necessary.

The beauty of visiting game parks anywhere in Southern Africa is the relatively low cost of accommodation and entrance fees. Sure, five-star lodges abound for the affluent but there are cheaper alternatives - self catering rondavels, bungalows or even camp sites. The much-vaunted big 5 safari may sound like an expensive and exotic option but in reality it is as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it.

Lower rates are a reality in a recession

Bear in mind the recession is not a beast that has attacked you and you alone. Everybody from Richard Branson to Warren Buffett is affected. Granted, their battles may well be puny compared to what you and I have to square off against, but the reality is that all businesses are under the proverbial cosh and are lowering rates and offering all sorts of incentives in an effort to entice the ever-diminishing client base.

Simply go online and shop around for the best African safari specialist that can organise you budget flights, scheduled tours, accommodation and even transport. Put all the recession worries on hold and make for an African safari; it could very well be the best investment you ever make for you and your family!

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Why You Still Need a Holiday in a Recession by:Kayla Reid