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Why You Should Own A Pair Of Womens Boat Shoes

Why You Should Own A Pair Of Womens Boat Shoes

Alright, ladies! It's time to row, row, row your boat shoes

. Despite what you think, you will not be channeling Gilligan with your fabulous pair of boat shoes. Boat shoes are the perfect addition to many casual styles, and you can wear them whether or not you own a boat.

While boat shoes are thought to be a shoe worn by males, boat shoes are also perfect for female feet. Because women do wear boat shoes, many brands have updated boat shoes with the perfect amounts of feminine accents. The accents for boat shoes include different colored soles, prints, and vibrant hues.

Boat shoes can be worn in very casual settings. If you are going to the beach, mall, a child's birthday party, school, or the grocery store, boat shoes are the perfect casual shoe for your feet.

One of our favorite pairs of boat shoes happens to be Sperry Topsiders. Topsiders have been an American favorite since the early 20th century. These boat shoes have authentic performance (if you're on a boat, you will remain stable!) and are very classic in their appearance. The Sperry Topsider's women's A/O 2-eye boat shoe is amazing. The A/O 2-eye boat shoes are comparable to spectator shoes. The contrasting colors allow these boat shoes to be paired with navy, red, tan, or cream colors.
Why You Should Own A Pair Of Womens Boat Shoes

For trendier styles for younger fashion mavens, consider boat shoes from brands like Rocket Dog, Groove, and Madden Girl. These brands offer boat shoes inspired by Sperry Topsiders, and these boat shoes are clean cut and casually cool.

LLBean also offers preppy inspired boat shoes. The Casco Bay Boat Slider boat shoes has the style of traditional boat shoes and come in many fun colors. These particular boat shoes come in a mule, or slider, style. These means they are backless and are easily slipped or off. This also means that these casual boat shoes would' not be appropriate if you are on a boat, but could definitely be worn when you're away from the water.

Comfort brand, Dr. Scholl's, has inspired boat shoes with, wait for it, wedge heels! These boat shoes has Dr. Scholl's signature feel good comfort. The Seashore Boat Shoe features a glossy upper similar to patent leather, moc stitching, and nautical laces.

When wearing boat shoes, think:

* Your favorite pair of faded jeans and alma mater sweatshirt

* A pair of khaki pants

* Polo shirts

* Polo dresses

* Shorts, Henley tops, and spring scarves

* Mini dresses

* Wraps and tank tops

* Denim pencil skirts in varying colors

* Purses to accent the colors of your boat shoes

* Preppy styles

Boat shoes are the epitome of casual and should be worn as such. Don't worry about lace and frills. Be comfortable and fashionable with your boat shoes. Whether signature or inspired, boat shoes allow you to have the most fun in all types of casual settings. You can rely on boat shoes to make you feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed.

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Why You Should Own A Pair Of Womens Boat Shoes