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Why Using the Best Pick Up Lines Won't Get You Laid Tonight

Why Using the Best Pick Up Lines Won't Get You Laid Tonight

Author: Jay Sullivan

I'm sure most of us guys have used some of our best pick up lines at some point on a girl. I know i have on many an occasion. Some can be funny to use, others are just way too cheesy. Below are some of the best pick up lines I have found, use them at your own risk!

Number 1: Do you believe in love at first site? Or shall I just walk past again?

Number 2: I bet your legs are tired, cause you've been running around my mind all night.Why Using the Best Pick Up Lines Won't Get You Laid Tonight

Number 3: Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

Number 4: Hi, I just thought i would come over and introduce myself, because my friend thinks i could be good for you...

Number 5: I'm sure I have seen your face somewhere before...Oh yeah! there's a picture of you in the dictionary under the word FANTASTIC!

My brother was once egged on to go up to a slightly overweight girl in a nightclub and say "You don't sweat much for a fat chick"...needless to say he got a good slap in the face and looked a complete idiot..but hey..he got a few drinks out of it.

Listen, to be honest, your success rate with those best pickup lines will be very slim. A lot of women find pick up lines creepy, weird and plain right stupid. If you plan on approaching a woman, leave your best pickup lines at home.

Instead, just be yourself, and be spontaneous. You'll only end up looking like an idiot if you use them. Find something that is around you to start a conversation, like something funny you have observed. Better still ask a woman for her opinion on a subject that women know a lot about.

You could say that your friend has been dating a girl for three months or more, and she wants to move in with him, what do you think he should do etc etc.Women will respond more better to a good opening conversation than some of those best pick up lines you've heard.

So, if you are stuck for how to approach a woman, and you keep using some of the best pick up lines out there with no success, get yourself educated in the art of seduction techniques, and learn how to approach women the right way. There are some really great books out there covering methods that will work much better.About the Author:

Want some secret seduction methods you can succeed with instead of using your best pick up lines? Then you must visit the world's best resource. Go to this site immediately:
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