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Why Not Study In Buenos Aires, Argentina? by:Carolina Lagrange

Why Not Study In Buenos Aires, Argentina? by:Carolina Lagrange

If you are thinking about studying a career, go to post graduate school or simply

want to take spanish lessons or learn to dance the tango, Buenos Aires is certainly a place to take in mind in your target list.

These past few years, after the 2001 Argentina crisis, Buenos Aires turn to be a chosen spot for students seeking studies abroad. In fact, this is one of today's greatest income for the country.

I find that this trend is due mainly for two reasons. First, the low cost of the tuition fees and living expenses both in accommodation and meals and second, and excellent academic level. And as a bonus you have all the excitement and activities that a big city like Buenos Aires has to offer. That makes the perfect deal for young people eager for knowledge, social activity and cultural immersion.

Many students also take a chance to visit other interesting places of the country like, Iguazu falls in Misiones, the Perito Moreno Glaciar in Patagonia, ski in Bariloche and many others.Why Not Study In Buenos Aires, Argentina? by:Carolina Lagrange

Lately universities discovered the niche of postgraduate courses and summer school, and the offer nowadays is so wide that satisfies all branches of knowledge, from the classical Master in Business Administration (MBA) to more specific specialized programmes. They have departments exclusively dedicated to the recruitment and follow up of international students.

If attending university there is an important point to take in mind and that is what kind of university to choose; a public or a private school.

Public universities are tuition free and with no admission exam for undergraduate careers but you must attend the (CBC) Basic common cycle the first year of study. The academic level is really good, and the University of Buenos Aires has more than 100 degrees to choose from. Considered one of the best educational institutions in the region, where 3 Nobel prizes studied. In argentina undergraduate careers in public universities are longer than in other countries with an average of 5 to 6 years long. Undergraduate Public schools will give a you a unique experience. Be prepared to study in old and not too well kept buildings, with few resourses, get in touch with all social classes and feel that politics is part of the programme, no matter which course you are taking. All the same its worth the experience, mainly because its free and also teachers are the best you can find. Public graduate schools are a different story, you have to pay for any programme you go for, but in exchange you receive a more organized environment.

Private schools are similar to those of any other developed country, although tuition fees are a bargain compared to those countries. There are some of these universities that have a really impressive selection of programmes and the academic level has nothing to envy those of famous universities of the world.

Here is a list of some Universities:


University of Buenos Aires - U.B.A.

Universidad de San Martin - USM

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional - U.T.N


Universidad de San Andres

Universidad de Belgrano - UB

Universidad de Palermo - UP

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa - UADE

Universidad Catolica Argentina - UCA

Instituto Tecnologico Buenos Aires - ITBA

Universidad Austral - UA

Universidad del Salvador

Universidad DiTella

But Buenos Aires has other courses to offer the world, and the high number of people searching this options are growing rapidly. That is Spanish language schools and tango lessons.

The fact that spanish is the official language spoken in nearly all of America, and that latins in the USA have become the first minority, more and more people think that spanish is worth learning.

Spanish schools offer a great deal of activities apart from formal lessons, such as touristic trips, voluntary work and many others, so that their students have the opportunity to feel the argentina culture and learn the language in contact with the local. They also offer accommodation with argentine families or shared apartments.

With the tango lessons something similar is happening. Students interact with real Porteos (as they call the Buenos Aires local people) well inserted in the citys culture. They attend local " Milongas" (tango parties) getting in contact with the pure sense of the River Plate feeling way of life. Students can take private courses with the best rated tango dancers or simply attend a tango school. During the month of August the Tango World Championship takes place in Buenos Aires, and there are more and more participants each year. This is an excellent oportunity to live a tango festival with competitors from all over the world.

Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, with plenty of cultural activities to offer, why not then consider this city as a great option for your next study plans?

About the authorWhy Not Study In Buenos Aires, Argentina? by:Carolina Lagrange

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