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Why It Is Better To Play Toys Than Taking Art Lessons

Why It Is Better To Play Toys Than Taking Art Lessons

One parent once told me that why buy toys for kids

, if they are feel boring, it is better for them to go to school to take art lessons, there are too many art lessons such as painting, music and so on, they can choose what they like. In fact, according to the children development experts, children are more likely to play freely with their one ways. As parents, you should not tell them how to play and given them a lot of restrictions and regulations.

Let them keep relaxed and play their favorite toys and games, by this way, their soul can fly free and without boundary. They use their own ways to think and sometimes they would have a unique idea, which shows their creativity. On the other hands, if children take art lessons, they should comply with the specification and guidance, when the class is over, they have to leave the classroom so that children lack of the free interaction. I think it is the reason that why children still feel alone even they have taken art lessons, which can not satisfy the desire of deepening friendships and get free thinking ways.

Herbert Spencer, one famous educator in England, once said education should try its best to encourage the personal development, give some guidance to children and make them discuss, explore and finally get the conclusion. Teacher should tell them as little as possible and make them discover more things by themselves. In daily life, children always play toys with their own ways, even it is a mini scale train toys, they have the different observation with adults. Once they are fascinated with somethings, they would try their best to find the satisfying answers.

Once children discover the favorite toys in the shopping center, they would want to get them at hands. What should you do as parents? Buy the toys they want for them or refuse their requirement? If you always meet children's all need, they can't understand the importance of toys and also can not cherish them. However, if you refuse their requirement, children would be injured. As parents, you should choose the right time to buy the right toys for children. For example, on the special occasions such as children's birthday, graduation day or other, you take children to the toys store and let them choose toys by their own. In addition, if they want to get toys, they should have good performance such as getting a high point in the exam. of course, you can take other ways to encourage them.

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Why It Is Better To Play Toys Than Taking Art Lessons