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Why Is Third Party Liability Important With Pet Insurance?

Why Is Third Party Liability Important With Pet Insurance?

Owning a pet demands a high level of commitment

, both emotionally and financially. In return for the unconditional love and companionship we get from our pets, the least we could do is keep them safe and healthy. We all know that in order to do that, sometimes our wallets could get hurt by the vet fees and other bills. Pet insurance offers a simple solution to keep both your pet and your wallet happy.

But the vet bills are not the only expenses associated with owning pets. Owning a pet also means taking responsibility for its actions and behaviour in public. What if your dog causes damage or injury to another person? That could make you legally liable for thousands of dollars, depending upon the level of damage caused. Could you afford paying up that kind of money?

This is where pet insurance could help you out again. A good pet insurance policy should cover you in the unfortunate scenario of your pet causing damage or injury to a third party making you legally liable. Petplan pet insurance provides third party liability cover in all its dog insurance policies. Customers can get from up to $1m to up to $5m cover depending upon which plan is chosen.

In a recent third party liability claim paid out by Petplan Meg, a pet owner in Queensland, was legally liable for about $35,000! Meg had taken her dog Riley to an off leash dog park to play. He was chasing another dog at full speed and crashed into the back of Sue Walsh who fell to the ground. Her ankle immediately swelled up and she was unable to stand and in pain. She had to undergo surgery and could not work for several weeks.

The incident left Meg liable for thousands of dollars. Fortunately, having Petplan pet insurance saved Meg from the heavy financial loss as the policy covered liability claims. Clearly, pet insurance is much more than being able to pay vet fees - it is essential for your pets physical health as well as your own emotional and financial health. Buying Petplan pet insurance online is simple, just log on to

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