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Why Are Tires So Important by:Jared Connell

Why Are Tires So Important by:Jared Connell

Tires are arguably the most important part of your car

. Why? Well because the tire is the only part of the car that actually touches the ground and makes the car accelerate, stop, and turn. Without just one tire, the whole car is immobilized. Think about it like this: what other car part do we keep a spare of in every single car? I don't have a spare fuel pump in my trunk. I have a spare tire. If the tiniest hole makes it through your tire, it could ruin your whole day. So think about these tips when you go to buy your next set of tires.

-Each tire supports 1/4 of the total weight of the car. If your car or SUV is more than 4,000 lbs. then that means each one of your tires is supporting over 1,000 lbs! All on some rubber filled with air. Remember this next time you run something over and don't think twice about it.

-Different cars require different tires. Make sure that you buy the right tires for your vehicle. You don't want car tires on your 4x4 SUV or sports car tires on your truck. The best bet is to buy OEM tires that came with your car new, or a similar model tire.

-Different tires require different amounts of air pressure. Make sure you consult your owners manual and the tires sidewall to determine what the best amout of tire pressure is. Most cars require different amounts of air in the front and back sets of tires. Always ensure you are using a properly working air gauge as well.Why Are Tires So Important by:Jared Connell

-Higher performance tires wear more quickly. If you have high performance tires, possibly because you have a sports car or upgraded wheels and tires, then your tires will wear out much faster than standard tires. This is because the stickier rubber compunds used in these tires wear out much faster. Keep this in mind if you plan to buy this type of tire.

-Directional tires must be put on and rotated properly for proper water traction. If they are put on backwards they could hydroplane very easily in wet driving conditions. Make sure that the shop puts them on correctly by simply examining the tires. There will be a directional arrow on the tires telling you the rolling direction of the tires.

-Tires provide about half of the vehicles suspension. This means that if your tires are old, too small, or improperly inflated your car can ride rough. This could also cause your tires to wear faster. The bottom line is if you don't have the correct tires, properly inflated on your car, it will ride incorrectly. Your car was built for one specific type of tire and if it is different it could the entire design of the suspension system. It is especially important to get the correct type of tire when you have aftermarket or larger wheels on your car. If you have upgraded, larger wheels on your car you should go to a reputable tire or car customization shop and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about and have experience in that type of thing.

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Why Are Tires So Important by:Jared Connell