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Why And When You Need A Product Liability Attorney

Why And When You Need A Product Liability Attorney

With the growing demand of consumer rights protection the need of a capable and efficient

product liability attorney is also growing by leaps and bound. However, there are many people who dont know much about product liability and product liability attorneys and hence lose much of the compensations that they were entitled for. With this article our endeavor is to let people know what exactly product liability is, why people need a product liability attorney and what are the benefits that they will get after consulting such attorneys. So, lets have a quick look.

What is Product liability?

Product liability is a law enacted by the US Federal Government to ensure protection of consumers and their rights. The law states that it is the right of every US individual to seek for adequate compensation if they suffer from any side effects, injuries, accidents or any physical and psychological harassment after using a certain product. Though the law applies to every product nonetheless it is more widely used in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Since healthcare products are directly pertaining to the health and well-being of human beings the US government has a tough and stringent rule to resolve any litigation related to medicines, drugs and medical devices. Product liability claims are based on the theory of negligence and every manufacturer or company is liable to give a fair compensation to consumers if they could prove that they got adversely affected by the use of a certain medical product.

Product Liability claims are generally based on the theory of breach of warranty, strict liability and/or negligence. The term Product Liability refers to the liability of drug manufacturers or medical device manufacturer for damages caused by the drug or medical device they launched in the market. This definition is broad in scope, but the actual liability of manufacturers can scroll down to the minutest detail of a product that causes it to be dangerous.

Who is a Product Liability Attorney?

As we know that an attorney is one who represents an individual in the Court of Law. Moving on the same line, a Product Liability Attorney is one who advocates for compensation to his/her client who suffered from an injury, accident or an adverse reaction due to a medicine or medical device.

When You Need a Product Liability Attorney?

In case of Injury: In case you happened to get injured by a medical product or device the consumer is entitled to receive a compensation for the harassment that he/she suffered. It is the duty of the manufacturer to ensure that every product they come up with is safe and secured. If they are not able to ensure this, consumers could sue them on the ground of negligence.

In case of Breach of Warranty: Another situation when consumers are entitled to receive enough compensation is the breach of warranty. When a company conceals some important data or fact that hampers their marketing goal and this it is revealed at a latter date it could be a case of Breach of Warranty and the company is liable to be held responsible for not furnishing adequate information with their product.

You are not a legal expert: Common people are not aware much about the nitty-gritties and proceedings of the law. While, the drug giants are pumping huge amount of money in ensuring the case goes in their favor it is important to seek help from professionals from Powers Taylor LLP who could represent your case effectively and truly.

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Why And When You Need A Product Liability Attorney