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Where to Find Cheap Holidays This Year by:Kim Chambers

Where to Find Cheap Holidays This Year by:Kim Chambers

Although the credit crunch is biting people still want to have their annual summer

holidays understandable we all need to have some relaxation, if we have to cut back in other areas then it is worth it to be able to relax and enjoy the sun.

There are many great value locations as countries look to maximise their tourism trade to boost the countries income. With the pound to continue to hit records against the Euro this summer Spain, Greece and other popular European destinations won't be visited by many British holidaymakers, you need to look outside of Europe to get a good cheap holiday.

Fear not there are many reasons why your summer holiday shouldn't be expensive. It is possible to get better exchange rates elsewhere such as America as the pound is fairing much better against the dollar.

The best value cheap holiday locations that offer a range of activities, sun, culture or mix fairly inexpensive are South Africa, a vibrant culture country were the locals speak eleven languages a modern infrastructure in places that matches that in Europe a wine culture and a favourable exchange rate. Bulgaria offers a mix of culture, gorgeous landscapes, history and beaches. Morocco offers vibrant sights, sounds and smells and is increasingly becoming a popular holiday destination. Iceland is a little expensive for some things, is a mysterious and unspoilt country that begs to be explored. Canada, Egypt and Turkey are other great value destinations.

The advice to ensure you get that best deal for your last minute holiday is definitely - shop around. The prices between travel agents varies greatly and more than normal as hotel have many beds empty this year depending on the deals travel agents are selling and how well they have done so far this year will affect what they are charging to help sell holidays. Everyone should be able to find cheap holiday rates this year.

If you like a Ski Holiday you can get a good deal if you avoid peak times such as school summer holidays you can get big discounts some cutting prices by as much as 50%. Go for a package deal so you know what you are spending and reduces the amount of currency you need to take reducing the impact of a poorer exchange rate.

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Where to Find Cheap Holidays This Year by:Kim Chambers