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What To Expect When You'r Expecting....the Best And Worst Out Of Life

What To Expect When You'r Expecting....the Best And Worst Out Of Life

There's a great book that all pending moms read called

, "What to Expect When You're Expecting." I read it cover to cover, over and over, during both of my pregnancies! The author gives you great tips, calms your nerves and offers up what's going to happen during the next nine months.

If only we had a life manual that did this from ages five through 90. Then again, I guess it's up to us to write that book on a daily basis. You're the author and all you have is many, many blank pages. How will you fill them?

My point is what you anticipate or expect to happen usually does happen. If you expect that this will be your best week ever then it probably will be for you. You will live your rock star life. Clients will be attracted to you; the jobs pour in; your husband gives you that romantic look and backs it up with words and actions. Even your kids are letting you know in their own ways that you're the best. It's no wonder that everyone just wants to be around you.

And by the way, things seem to go so easily. Those skinny jeans even fit and you're having three good hair days' in a row. Amazing!

What gives?

It's simple. You're expecting a great week and the universe is delivering your order. Since you're expecting things to go well, your behavior has also changes. You feel really comfortable in your own skin and you're not sweating the small stuff. Your ease is also making the good things roll in because you're not busy just wading through your pools of self doubt and self criticisms.

The confidence from this kind of week can't be packaged. You're not arrogant about it, but you have a vibe of expecting the best to happen and attracting good things to you. Some might even say that there is a "change in vibration" about you that's attracting all of this positivity and others naturally feel it.

The flipside is the woman who expects everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Call her Ms. Doom and Gloom or as my kids call her; Debbie Downer! Wah, wah, wah.

The universe responds with dark clouds including a bad work week, kids who trip and fall over everything, that heel that breaks off in the morning and the coffee she spills on her new white pants. She picks a fight with her husband and he's still sulking three days later. She's unhappy, so she's eating cookies in the afternoon and now nothing seems to fit. At her wit's end, she doesn't have the patience to stand there and do good hair and makeup. Now, she feels frumpy on top of the rest of it.

Meanwhile, Ms. Positivity isn't even using bronzer to add that glow to her face! It's just a perk of being in the sweet zone.

My point here is to choose what side of the line you want to live on. I've been on both sides of this line, and let me tell you.. the landscape looks remarkable different and brighter on one side than it does on the other! I prefer to stay as positive and as realistic as possible. Which is not always easy to do, but why not try? What can it hurt? In fact, it helps in ways that most people don't ever understand

Of course, unexpected things will come up on a daily basis, they usually do. And, you will deal with them on a "need to take care of it" basis. That's just how it is.

But I try not to always "awful-ize" those either. I take a deep breath, and look at the big picture. "Is it worth it? Will it pass? Does it really matter ?" I just wiggle my way through them, put a smile on my face, slip on my big sun glasses and look toward the bright side. I expect the best and know in my heart that things will work out for the best, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment.

Wanna grab your movie star glasses and join me?

by: Tamara Gold
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What To Expect When You'r Expecting....the Best And Worst Out Of Life