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What Lifestyle Benefits Our Modern Gadgets Provide Us

What Lifestyle Benefits Our Modern Gadgets Provide Us

The hallmark of our times is the force and benefits we enjoy from super rapidly advancing new technologies.

We can now fit in our pocket more computing power that existed just a decade or so ago even in the mega million dollar main frame computers.

We have gadgets that guide us to our destination (such as the Garmin Nuvi 765t GPS kit... or that help us avoid police enforcement radars (such as the Escort Passport 8500 x50)... and what about the mind machines that synchronise our brain waves leading to long-lasting changes in our personality (research biofeedback programs)... or record high def video and audio with a pocket device (such as the Creative Vado HD).

Perhaps the Japanese have already created robots that will bring you coffee in the morning. These are truly remarkable times. And these gadgets provide us great leverage for maximum productivity in life and enjoyment of life.

If only all industries were deregulated like the electronics and computer industry. We would experience the same fast pace march of biomedical science and integrated medicine that would drive the costs of health care down.

The true vote of power is the consumers purchase power. This comes via mobile technology which reads anything in our environment, connects us to relevant information, and allows us to make fully informed choices... about things, places and even people. Technology is bringing us knowledge that will give us freedom.

The true freedom is choice. Ever more we can decide what we accept in our lives, including our technologies, and including our surroundings, as well as our relationships. One politician suggested disabling the Internet because it has enabled such a 'dangerous' flow of information.

Well I think it's too late for that now. Certainly we can hope so. Gadgets and technology are part of the fabric of modern society and will weave their way deeper into our lives. Hopefully for the better. I am an optimist. And I love the technologies I use, the power it brings me, and the satisfaction.

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What Lifestyle Benefits Our Modern Gadgets Provide Us