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What a Sharm el Sheikh Holiday Can Offer by:Olivia Wilson

What a Sharm el Sheikh Holiday Can Offer by:Olivia Wilson

Sharm el Sheikh is located in Southern Sinai, the national park region of Ras Mohamed

. The main tourist part of Sharm el Sheikh is Naama Bay. Here you will find the usual tourist settings with many hotels and apartments, restaurants and bars littered along the long sandy beach which stretches for 1km.

This area of Egypt experiences two main seasons both of which are dry desert climates. The summer season is between April and October, the weather is very heat and dry, it is however bearable because of the low humidity. Normal temperatures for the summer months can be in the forty degree range with night time temperatures still in the thirties. If you're not used to this kind of heat do take care ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and have an air-conditioning system in your room as it is necessary to allow you to sleep.

Sharm el Sheikh offers some of the best dives to found anywhere in the world. The corals are beautiful; you don't have to go far into the ocean to see them as they come within 1 metre of the surface. The fish life on the reef is amazing from small fish to the big boys lurking down in the deep below. You can experience these amazing sights through the regular diving trips and it worth noting visit the Gulf of Suez where there are the wrecks of Thistlegorm, Dunraven and Abu Nuas.

To prevent dehydration do drink plenty of water but it is also recommended you buy re-hydrating salts from the pharmacy which dissolve in the water and give that extra bit of help to avoid dehydration. The ladies might not like the insects that can be found in Sharm el Sheikh, unfortunately this comes with being in a hot climate. Inspects are in most cases harmless, there are mosquitoes that will usually appear in the cooler months. There isn't a malaria problem here though however if your body reacts to a sting then it would worth investing in a net for the bed you can buy a first aid kit that will be full of useful items such as repellent, antiseptic, plasters, pain killers and travel sickness tablets.

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