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Web Marketing Consulting: Seo In 2010

Web Marketing Consulting: Seo In 2010

Many online business owners who have hired low grade SEO firms are feeling the heat in late 2009 and will feel it far more in 2010

. While the idea of having a quick fix, one-time event solution to your web marketing needs is appealing, people are finding out that web marketing consulting is the only way to build and keep your rankings in the top search engines.

For years now, hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) firm has dominated the web marketing playing field. The concept of completely natural marketing with direct and quality traffic seems like a recipe for success in any online industry. Even though this is considered a natural solution, why have so many SEO firms gone out of business in late 2009?

While SEO practices can be natural, high quality and organic, many SEO companies have abused any weakness found in Google's algorithms in order to unnaturally advance their clients to the top of the rankings for certain keywords. Google is always on top of its search engine, and it doesn't take very long for them to correct an error if a loophole is found. As a result, algorithms are changed in order to protect the quality of the search engine rankings.

Since at least August of 2009, Google has been working on a project known as "Caffeine" that is a complete overhaul of their algorithm. While it has been said that these changes will be relatively unnoticeable to the average user, experts believe it will be noticed by SEO firms. Websites with unnatural and non-organic growth are expected to be penalized, while websites with fresh, quality content and natural growth are expected to find increased rankings in caffeine. So, what exactly is organic growth?

The whole concept of organic growth is centered on the concept of public relations, networking, and honest communications with industry related websites throughout the internet. By developing relationships in your niche, organic growth is a simple process. The problem is that no SEO firm has the ability or time to learn your industry and build the necessary network needed to bring quality traffic and increase your rankings.

These days, there in house web marketing is hands down the best long term solution. Whether it be doing it yourself as the business owner, using someone in house to handle your web marketing, or hiring someone to be trained by a web marketing consulting firm, your likelihood of success in online marketing increases significantly over a hiring a search engine optimization firm.

You get exactly what you need for long term rankings and traffic when you hire a web marketing consulting firm: information on how to set up your website's backgrounds properly, how to build communicate with others in your industry in order to build traffic, and how to properly leverage networking opportunity in order to increase your search engine rankings.

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Web Marketing Consulting: Seo In 2010