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Wealth in Abundance Now!

Wealth in Abundance Now!

Author: Claybon Collins Jr

Your thoughts create what you are - living in fear and worry will not help you create the wealth you desire!

Bob Proctor wrote a book titled: "The 11 Forgotten Laws" which spoke on "The Law of Attraction". You must learn the Universal Laws and how they work. You must get out of your comfort zone and learn something new. To change your life, YOU have to change your life. Start by changing your way of thinking because your thoughts and beliefs fashion your goals and dreams.

Now is the time to clear your subconscious brain and the clutter of negative thoughts that have gotten you to the stage you are in. Positive thinking will help you overcome the distractions the world throws at you on a daily basis. Remove negative friends from your inner circle. Don't forget them,just don't let them feed you their negative ideas and can't do attitude. You can tell them, I love you but we are traveling a different road.Wealth in Abundance Now!

Listen, a lot of the thoughts and beliefs you have were adopted from your parents and friends as you grew up. Those limiting beliefs were not created by you but you live according to their standards.

Here is a list of limiting thoughts. Do you find yourself thinking some of them?

- I cannot do it

- I will never find the right person for me

- Working hard is the only way to riches

- I will never earn the type of money the wealthy do

The Law of gratitude is the most powerful tool of "The 11 Forgotten Laws."

Be grateful for whatever comes into your life:

- Be grateful for the waking morning

- Be grateful the meals you consume

- Be grateful for the right people you meet and the wrong ones you don't

- Be grateful for the good as well as the bad

- Be grateful for your team members and leaders

- etc.

Being grateful will attract more of the energy you are grateful for. Changing your energy will make it easier to use the Law of Attraction.

Positive thinking will not work alone. You must change your way of thinking, your beliefs and your thought patterns for new ones! You will be amazed how wonderful the journey is when you start making these changes and your goals start to materialize. Self-development is the vehicle you will need to ride. Don't let others ride that don't have the same ticket as you.

Jim Rohn, God bless his soul, wrote the following, "It is amazing what you can do and how well it all can work for you. Share your ideas and help others feel the power of success and wealth in life with this great new way of living."

Trust the Universe, reach out to the Universe and be ready for the change in your life! Discard worries and fear and use "The 11 Forgotten Laws", to create Wealth and Abundance in your life!

Help someone today by passing this information on and help yourself by creating that which you desire with the help of the Universe.

About the Author:

Wealth Building Coach
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