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Discover Wealth Building Secrets

Discover Wealth Building Secrets

Author: Lawren Smithi

"The way to wealth is as plain as the way to the grocery store. It depends on two words, effort and frugality; that is, waste neither time nor money, but make the best of both. Without effort and frugality, nothing will do; with them everything" -- Franklin.

Having wealth is really a state of mind. Few people get rich or acquire wealth instantly. Most people who become rich grow rich;, and the growth and development of a personal fortune is sometimes rarely noticed by the busy man or woman, who is almost unconsciously growing rich.

Acquiring money and prosperity is simple and an easy process. Growing rich comes through habits that are part of one's daily routine that, once on the road to wealth, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to stop the wealth.Discover Wealth Building Secrets

The poor usually spend more than what they earn or spend all that they earn. The truth of the matter is, wealth building is within the reach of all of us, but not everyone can be rich, but you and I can.

So, you want to know what are the wealth building secrets. I think you will be surprised by what I have to say on this subject matter. First, money does all kinds of things. It gives and takes away, it makes honest men and a humble servants, fools and philosophers; and so on.

But is having money wealth? The number of men and women who currently are creating wealth is incredible. But money is not wealth.

Earning thousand of dollars may bring nothing to any one unless it is spent while one lives, thus allowing him or her to enjoy more fully the good things in life. The first good thing is that we all should have comfort and independence as long as we live; meaning saving money. But the reality is maintaining prosperity is harder than acquiring prosperity.

Today it is much easier to make money. Intelligence and business ability come in strongest when a decision is made on how to spend money. Shall it be spent on buying expensive cars, homes, vacations, etc? Or shall it be spent on buying necessities that will last and is also allowing one to buy capital?

Every day the choice is before every one of us. Here is money. Shall I buy luxury or shall I buy more capital? We cannot do both.

The difference between the rich man and the poor man is displayed by the differences in what he or she buys with his or her money. The rich man has bought wealth and position. The poor man has bought trash.

But, Socrates, a great philosopher, asks the following question, "How is it that some live in abundance, and have something to spare, while others can scarcely obtain the necessities of life, and at the same time run into debt? Isomachus replies with an answer, "because the former occupy themselves with their business, while the latter neglect it.

The secrets to building wealth is really not a secret, it is just common sense. You have before you many ways to wealth creation, and it is going to depend on whether you want build wealth or become poor. Those who are poor think of life as a glass to be drained instead of measured to be filled.Discover Wealth Building Secrets

Essentially, wealth building secrets relies on your ability to discern what you do with your money. Being poor is not a normal state of being and can easily be overcome by any one who has the will to grow.

Here is a quote by James Russell Lowell, "Wealth may be an excellent thing, for it means power, leisure, and liberty." So, who determines wealth, YOU, by making the right choices and not the wrong choices.

About the Author:

Lawren Smith graduated with a degree in math and computers, worked many years as as Sr. Software Engineer and Technical Lead on large, multi-million dollar projects. Now she is an entrepreneur who owns a marketing and real estate invesment companies. She is a leader who, can teach you many marketing strategies. For more information on other ways to wealth creation: , or visit Wealth Creation.
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Discover Wealth Building Secrets