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Vitamin Supplements for Children

Vitamin Supplements for Children

Vitamin Supplements for Children

The best way concerned parents can ensure optimum health of their offspring is with vitamin supplements for children. Before purchasing childrens vitamins, parents should first research the merits of multivitamins specially formulated for children.

If your children consistently consumed a well-balanced diet, they might get all the vitamins they need. Unfortunately, life in the fast lane translates to grab-and-go meals, fast food and processed foods.

A parent's best attempt to serve healthy meals including fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and protein won't guarantee adequate nutrients are delivered to the body.Vitamin Supplements for Children

Foods are processed and depleted of nutrients. The majority of breads and cereals, even if enriched, are high only in carbohydrates. Enriched means replacing nutrients that once were contained in their natural form, but because of heat and storage have been processed out. Also, standards of enrichment leave much to be desired.

Does your child eat white flour? If so, there is a high probability he/she is vitamin deficient. Why? The twenty-two natural nutrients that were milled-out of flour were replaced with only three B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium and iron salts. Even your child can do the math. White flour alone proves the case for a need for vitamin supplements for children!

Let's consider restaurant meals. Have you noticed that most restaurants either reheat food or keep it warm with heat lamps? If your child eats frequent meals at restaurants, they run the risk of vitamin A, B1 and C deficiency. Perhaps the biggest culprit is fast food. While fast food hamburgers do contain protein, they are calorie and fat laden. Considering fast food burgers are packed-full of salt, the good doesn't outweigh the bad.

Hot dogs are another fast food children's favorite. Hot dogs usually contain either sodium or potassium nitrate, which is scientifically proven to cause cancer. This low-protein, high-fat meal does little to promote your child's optimum health. Childrens vitamins often close the nutritional gap between fast food meals and vitamin deficiency.

Sugar is another story. If your child is a heavy sugar consumer, it would be prudent to consider purchasing a multivitamin specially formulated for children. Childhood obesity is a hot topic in the media these days. Unwise food choices, too much sugar and frequent fast food not only pile the pounds on children, they are robbing them of necessary vitamins and minerals. The result is that our children are in dire danger of vitamin deficiency. For normal growth, growing children need a stronger multivitamin.

In past eras, from the moment children popped out of bed, they were in perpetual motion - climbing, running, jumping, hopping - spending a majority of their day outdoors, in the sunshine.

As an electronic society, children are plopped in front of the TV, staring at a computer or text messaging. They rarely play outside and in consequence, the majority of today's children are deficient in Vitamin D. Children require the "sunshine vitamin" to utilize calcium and phosphorus, necessary for strong bones and teeth.

Vitamin C is essential for your child's healthy immune system, in order to ward off colds, heal wounds prevent viral infections.

Since we can't turn the clock back to sunshine days and fresh garden produce, our best defense is offense. Ensure your child is protected from vitamin deficiency by giving them vitamin supplements for children.
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