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Vastu Remedies And Tips For A Better Life

Vastu Remedies And Tips For A Better Life

The origin of the Vastu Shastra is considered to be the ancient era

, yes the era of the kings. The implementation of Vastu in their forts and palaces to bring the success has made many people to believe on the existence of this science. Vastu basically suggests the ways to bring harmony and prosperity in a home or office.

The main goal of this art is to make a better tuning with the nature to enter the positive powers into the dwelling. Vastu has a great effect on the health of an individual. It helps to recover from many diseases where the medicines stop working. This can be better understood by the fact that if a person is mentally disturbed from the hectic life and workload he would definitely want something to that let him to feel relaxed.

And thats the point where vastu proves its existence by creating an environment for peace of the mind as well as in the soul. Its damn true that A sound mind exist in a sound body. Below mentioned are some tips that will throw a light on how to make vastu plans have a healthier body.

Vastu Shastra and diseases

The direction for the health is northeast and any defect over there can influence a person physically, emotionally and mentally. According to vastu experts if any defect of the northeast direction merges with the negative energy of some nearest direction then it results into the creation of a disturbed bio-energy field. This field may give rise to many types of cancer.

Vastu and directions

All the directions have their different effect when considering for the health. These directions may give rise to even some critical problems. Some of the effects with respect to the directions are written below:

East- Problem in eyes, Heart disease

West Direction- Depression, Arthritis and some other mental diseases.

North- Skin Problem, Stone, Diabetes

South- Measles, Cold, Infection

Northeast- Anemia, Obesity

Northwest- Psychosomatic illness and Respiratory system problems.

Southeast- Kidney problem and internal skin issues.

After getting well known with the effect of the direction on the health of a person its time to know the tips to get rid of this. The tips to increase a health or better to say tips to live a happier, healthier life are described below:

If you feel that your house is having a history of deadly diseases then its good to go for vastu pooja by some expert. This will help to remove these negative power and its residues from your home.

Yantra can be placed inside the house to welcome the positive cosmic rays with both the hands. Yntras placed at a proper place work in a manner to fight with the negative energy and stop them to enter in the home.

These yantras if hanged in the east direction also helps to bring the prosperity.

Paying an attention towards the northeast direction is recommended as to restrict the ways for the downbeat energy.

Vastu does not assure to make everything you want but its existence helps to bring the joy and the happiness. Those who felt a great change in their life with the vastu suggests everyone to adopt the same. So its good to check each corner of your house especially the north and the northeast direction and make it according to vastu in case if it is not correct.

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