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Unplug From the Matrix and Live Life

Unplug From the Matrix and Live Life

Have you seen the move, The Matrix?' I bet you have

, at least twice. You may have seen how machines that plugged into the brains enslaved mankind and how a virtual world was created, while draining their energy. Only after unplugging those machines they were able to live in the actual, real world. The scenario is same where a lot of people live a good portion of their lives hooked up into a Television set. The TV saps people of their precious time, energy and money and let's them live in a fake world of reality. Once they plug in the Television set, they fall into the TV Matrix'. Only when they unplug, the factual life begins.

It's rather unfortunate to say that our views of reality are in fact influenced by the TV screen. Our principles, ethics, models, world views, and faith are all influenced by Soap Operas, Reality Shows, News, Documentaries, Movies and even cartoon programs.

Then how are we surviving, still living in this Matrix? The answer is simple, because of our Brain.' Our brain can be divided in to two major areas. One part perceives emotions and the other responds logically. The emotional part or the non-rational part is more primitive. This part cannot differentiate between actual and virtual, like TV. The other part of our brain responds logically and interprets, what is real and what is not. Together, these two parts of our brain helps us to survive.

The problem with Television is grave. Because, it locks down the center of our brain and that part deals with decisive thoughts. When we watch TV, the emotional center of our brain reacts to it as if it is real and that's the reason why we become so engrossed in a movie or even a sports event. However, we cannot say that watching Television is similar to watching a dream. Both may be unreal. But in a dream, the dreamer's subconscious mind is actually in control where as with Television, the media and the broadcasting corporations are in control till the time you unplug your TV.

In addition to that, greater amount of time you spend watching TV, the greater the rational side of your brain deteriorates. We start losing the contact to the real world outside making us more susceptible to manipulation and more reliant towards Television.

A whole new world awaits you outside, a world beaming with real life. So, turn off your TV and unplug your brain and come out of the matrix.

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By: Francis DavidUnplug From the Matrix and Live LifeBy: Francis David
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