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Uniting Factor Between Pittsburgh PA's Bars And Restaurants And The Rest Of The World by:William Hauselburg

Uniting Factor Between Pittsburgh PA's Bars And Restaurants And The Rest Of The World by:William Hauselburg

What does Pittsburgh, Europe, and ancient Egypt all have in common

? They all enjoy a good beer. Beer is the oldest and most widely enjoyed alcoholic beverage. With such a long and widespread history, there are many varieties of beer. No matter if you are relaxing on an outside patio in the spring or inside a sports bar watching a Steelers game in the winter, there is a beer for every situation.

Outdoor Patio Dining in the Summer vs. Sports Bars in the Winter

The spring and summer months are times for sun and relaxation. Sports fans in Pittsburgh tune in to watch the Penguins battle for the Stanley Cup or the watch the Pirates battle to stay above .500. Lighter ales or beers with fruit accents are popular in these months. So whether you are watching the Penguins at a sports bar, or at an outdoor baseball game, an ale is bound to fit your mood.

The colder winter and fall months, on the other hand, are times for darker beers. Darker beers, such as a porter, tend to have a heavier flavor. Whether you are outdoors cheering on the Steelers, or indoors watching them on the big screen TV, a porter will help you get through the cold temperatures.

Pittsburgh PA BBQ and Burgers vs. Vegetarian and Vegan Dinners

Another factor when choosing a beer at a restaurant is the food you are eating. Like wine, the right beer serves as a compliment to the flavors of the food you are eating, and it does not matter if it is lunch or dinner, there is a beer to match every item on the menu. For example, if you are eating BBQ, a good pairing is an amber ale. This is because the malty amber ale works to quench your thirst after a spicy BBQ or burger.

Vegetarian or vegan meals, on the other hand, are well suited with weissbiers. This is because the flavor of the yeast in the weissbier compliments the delicate flavors of the vegetarian or vegan meal. So whenever you are in your favorite restaurant in the Southside or Station Square, try to find a beer that will compliment your meal.

The Big Decision in the Southside and Station Square Bars

The most popular beers to drink at parties or bars are light beers, but here is something to consider. American light beers generally have 3.5% to 4.5% alcohol, while American microbrewery beers average 5% to 8% alcohol. There are several beers that offer alcohol content over 8% and some as high as 15%. These are important numbers to consider the next time you are spending a night at Station Square or the Southside, as you can get the same effects from two or even three light beers in one microbrewery beer. Additionally, you will be experiencing a more robust flavor.

From Pittsburgh PA Outdoor Dining to OH Bars to WV Restaurants

The final deciding factor in what beer you chose is your personal taste. The best way to find out is to sample something new every time you are at your favorite bar or restaurant and find what works for you.

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