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Understanding The Need For Dance Instructor Liability Insurance

Understanding The Need For Dance Instructor Liability Insurance

You may have only heard of liability insurance in terms of medical doctors and other

similar professionals who must have malpractice liability insurance due to the invasive and sometimes risky nature of the work they perform on a regular basis. However, many other types of professionals, all across the businesses and services spectrum, possess liability insurance as a form of protection against a variety of potential legal claims.

Professional dance instructors are no exception to the need for liability insurance. By securing the proper dance instructor liability insurance, you can rest easy, knowing that you are covered in case anyone ever does file suit against you and your dance studio. In case you are still on the fence about whether you really need dance instructor liability insurance, we will explore a few of the more common legal claims a dance teacher may face at some point in his or her career.

For most professionals who are simply selling some kind of product, rather than interacting with clients and customers physically, one of the most important forms of liability coverage is general liability insurance. This is also known as slip and fall insurance, because it provides protection in those cases where a client or customer has an accident on the property of the businesssuch as a slip and falland then sues the business for the damages.

Part of your dance instructor liability insurance should provide generous coverage for general liability cases, where someone may simply trip, slip or fall on the property of your dance studio or inside one of your dance classes. Due to the fact that a professional dance teacher does work with his or her customers and clients in a physical manner, the risk for a general liability claim may be a bit higher for dance instructors, as opposed to businesses where clients simply come in, make a purchase and leave.

In other words, as your students are moving about the dance floor, whether they are doing floor exercises or practicing a dance routine, all of the movements incorporated may increase the chances of a slip, trip or fall. Of course, an accident may take place in another manner as well, such as tripping over a loose rug or slipping on slick floor. In any of these cases, you will want the general liability portion of your dance instructor liability insurance to provide the necessary coverage in case anyone files a suit due to an injury suffered during such an accident.

Other forms of financial protection you should be getting with your dance instructor insurance include malpractice and product liability coverage. The latter is designed for those scenarios where a student may claim damage or injury due to a product associated with your dance classes, such as a faulty barre that comes off the wall during a leg stretch and results in a muscle tear.

As for malpractice insuranceits not just for doctors. The malpractice coverage that comes with your dance instructor liability insurance should offer financial coverage for those cases where a student may claim damage or injury due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional dance teacher.

Having dance instructor liability insurance is a simple way to provide an extra level of ease and security in your day as you move gracefully from your business office onto the dance floor. With dance liability coverage in place, you can focus on your students skills while not worrying about their stumbles.

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