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Understanding the Dangers of High Speed Car Collisions by:Mark Dacanay

Understanding the Dangers of High Speed Car Collisions by:Mark Dacanay

High speed car collisions are very common on the roads of the United States


The faster the car goes, the less control he/she has over the car. The damage that is caused by high speed car collisions is greater than that of low speed car collisions because there is more kinetic energy gathered by a fast moving object. With so much kinetic energy, the amount of force exerted during impact is also greater than with low speed cars. This results to greater damage.

High speed car collisions can cause different types of impact between two or more cars.

Frontal collision - Mostly happens on high speed roads like freeways, this type of collision is difficult to avoid and are often fatal.Understanding the Dangers of High Speed Car Collisions by:Mark Dacanay

Side collisions - Mostly happens when vehicles pass multi lanes on the road, crossing intersections, or when a car hits a stationary object.

Rear end Collision - Mostly happens when a vehicle suddenly stops and the vehicle that is following has no time to avoid colliding with said car.

Rollover - Refers to when a car flips over. According to studies, SUVs are more likely to rollover in an accident than any other vehicles.

Because of the great force of impact during high sped car collisions, most cars involved are totaled. Drivers and passengers can be trapped inside or even under the car debris.

Serious harm can be sustained by victims. Catastrophic injuries are not unheard of when it comes to this type of accident.

Types of Catastrophic Accidents

TBI and Head Injuries - 20% of all Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI cases are because of car accidents. TBI are caused by severe impact to the head by a foreign object that causes an open or closed wound.

Paralysis - 44% of all paralysis cases in the United States are caused by car collisions. Paralysis refers to the loss of motor functions in a muscle or group of muscles.

Amputation - 68.6% of cases of amputations are caused by trauma which in turn can be caused by car collisions. Amputation refers to the loss of a body part like fingers, toes and even arms and legs.

Burns - Explosions is not unheard of in high speed car collisions. Kinetic energy combined with friction and ruptured gas tanks can equal explosions. Contrary to belief, it is not the liquid gasoline that burns but the fumes.

With the advancement of technologies come gadgets that can help curve the chances of high speed car collisions have also come out.

Here are three devices that can help you avoid car accidents:

Proximity Monitors - This device automatically detects how close you are to the car you are following and adjusts your speed accordingly.

Ignition Interlock - This device prevents you from driving drunk by having you take a breathalyzer before the car ignition can work. If you fail the breathalyzer, the car simply won't start.

Drifting Monitors - The device monitors if the car is following the lane markers on the road. It sends off signals if the car starts to veer away from the traffic lane without a turn signal.

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