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Understanding Teeth Discoloration Problems

Author: Lynne Gabriel

Teeth discoloration is a serious threat to health and personality. The entire well-being of a person can be greatly affected by the changing of the natural color of the teeth. When the teeth turns yellowish or brownish or even changed shade compared to its natural color, it is an indication of certain oral problems which needs to be addressed by any of the teeth whitening professionals who are ready to give a hand. Teeth discoloration problems can be caused by so many lifestyle practices which people may not be aware of. It pays to know some of these practices in order to prevent you from suffering the threats of teeth discoloration. No matter how religiously you follow certain practices to whiten teeth at home like brushing, gargling and using of whitening gel if you do not avoid some of the serious cause to deterioration, your efforts will fall in vain. The primary cause of the changing of tooth color is the food and drinks you take in. Coffee, wines, and some fruits and vegetables could bring about teeth staining. The solution is to see to it that once you have taken in these foods and drinks, you find time to brush your teeth, dont leave the taste lingering into your mouth for a long time. If brushing is not possible, you can opt for gargling or just simple drinking of water to wash out the color. Poor dental hygiene is also contributory in the darkening of teeth. Whenever you refrain from brushing regularly, you leave food particles stuck on the tooth and around it. Bacteria on the tooth would cause in the building of plaque that causes discoloration. Moreover, certain oral diseases are also indicated by the color of the teeth. If the enamel and the dentin are faced with problems, the color of the tooth will be affected. This is why you need to consult dental professionals before choosing the best teeth whitening product to identify the cause of the problem and implement the right intervention. Some ingredients used in medications can also stain the teeth. Drugs like doxycycline, tetracycline, antipsychotic drugs, antihistamines, and medicines for high blood pressure can cause your teeth to stain. You also need to be careful about mouth washes and rinses which can contain cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine because these changes your teeth color. There are also factors which cannot be defeated by home treatments to whiten teeth. Genetics and heredity is an instance when the undesirable teeth color is genetically defined that only cosmetic dentistry could address properly. Once the cause for the teeth problem could not be identified, then it is wise to seek the help of a teeth whitening professional. It is not easy to face the problem of teeth discoloration. The teeth are a front liner every time you engage intro interactions with the world around you. Understanding the cause for these problems would lead you to the best teeth whitening remedy.About the Author:

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