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Types Of Dog Shampoo

Types Of Dog Shampoo

Owning a dog carries with it some basic responsibilities

. One of the most necessary and occasionally unpleasant jobs is that of bathing your dog. You'll need to bathe the dog as frequently as once a week depending on how dirty your dog gets and how much maintenance his fur needs. No matter which, you'll need to choose a good shampoo.

There are dozens of shampoos for dogs in the pet store and it can be overwhelming when you first see the dog shampoo aisle. You might be wondering what the differences are and what kind of shampoo you need for your dog and if it matters at all, even. The kind of shampoo you use can make a big difference in the appearance of your dog.

If your dog has fleas or has a tendency to pick up fleas when he romps outdoors, you'll probably want to get a flea killing shampoo. These can be a bit more difficult to use than other kinds of shampoos because in order to get the full flea killing effect, you need to leave the lather on your dog for several minutes. If you've ever been responsible for keeping a dog still in a tub for several minutes, you know how hard that can be.

On the other hand, if your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to dry or itchy skin, you'll probably want to find a moisturizing and soothing shampoo. These generally include oatmeal and other gentle ingredients and fewer chemicals, which help keep the dog's skin healthy.

If you have a white or cream colored dog, you'll probably want to get a whitening shampoo to use on them. Light colored dogs can have issues with their fur becoming dingy and dull, and a whitening shampoo can help prevent that.

Long haired dogs have a tendency towards knots and tangles and there are shampoos that are designed to help prevent and reduce the amount of tangling in the dog's fur, which can save you valuable time when you're brushing your dog.

There are also basic shampoos that are designed for dogs without any of these issues. You can get any of those shampoos and have no issues if your dog has no special hair or skin needs. Choose whatever shampoo appeals to you, your dog and your budget.

There are many different kinds of dog shampoo and you need to take into consideration the needs of your dog when you're choosing which to purchase and use.

by: vladimirharrison
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Types Of Dog Shampoo