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Treebraids By Kaale: Clean, Safe, Location By African Princess

Treebraids  By Kaale: Clean, Safe, Location By African Princess


Treebraids by Kaale is getting so famous for her brand that we constantly get calls at least every other day from people who would like to be a part of our brand: proactive people wanting some treebraids, people wanting to cash in on a good name and a lucrative business, and stylists calling to see if we are hiring! This week we just installed our 500th client's hair...Yaaayh!!

We would love for you to feast your eyes on our great treebraids installs that includes a recreation of Mega Singer and celebrity Jill Scott, and book your own appointment. Did you ever leave a treebraids or hairbraiding place feeling absolutely delicious and tingly because you were excited with your new look? You will be in the right company with Treebraids by Kaale. Honey, if you are not treebraiding with Treebraids by Kaale, a professional treebraider, then you are asking for trouble down the road. Please read on as to all the reasons...

Additional recent treebraids picture album added this weekend- straight hair!Treebraids  By Kaale: Clean, Safe, Location By African Princess

Treebraids done in a safe, clean location by a professional. Not only a professional, but an honest to goodness real African Princess! Well... being in a capitalistic economy, everyone is telling Treebraids by Kaale to cash in on her Jerseylicious mad (great) skills. Some people travel as far as New York City (NYC) , Long Island, and Pennsy(PA) to get a piece of the Treebraids by Kaale experience. Peace and Love. That is why Treebraids by Kaale is growing by leaps and bounds, and is coming out with a hair book soon. Also, we have business franchise opportunities and training opportunities. Get ambiance while getting your treebraids.

Treebraids and African Hair Braiding Hours of Operation- 24/7:

Hours of operation: 24 hours a day. Yes, that's right, with gas prices the way they are, you have no time to spin your wheels looking for a hair braiding salon in any city in New Jersey. Neither do you have time to visit the wrong hair braiding salon. Make an appointment. Weekdays, walkins are welcome. We are o- just call on your way to ensure a spot is available.

Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding has the best hair braiding solution in all of New Jersey. I mean, the service cannot be beat. No receding hair line is too challenging, and over time, whatever damage has been done to your hair line is reversed.

Avoid Real Hair Braiding Health Hazards:

Avoid real hair braiding health hazards. There are horror stories of women wiping off their children's snot with their bare hands, wiping it off on their clothing, and immediately proceeding to do your hair braiding. Now, I don't know about you, but if I saw that, I would be ready to jump out of the seat, and create a scene by asking that the braider wash her hands with soap and water before resuming my hair braiding. But a lot of people don't do that! The lucky ones are those who see it and leave, albeit reluctantly. It's a tough call. You want your hair braided, but don't want the germs. Hmmmm!... let's see- for a woman, every one loses. You don't have to tolerate other peoples germs- life is risky enough.

Princess Hair Braiding Treatment with Treebraids:

To ensure that each hair braiding customer receives special care and attention for their hair, we do not have braiders pulling your hair in different directions as is commonly found in some inter-city hair braiding salons. Nor will we rush the process. And you don't pay any extra for the princess TLC treatment!

Very Thick Hair and Need African Hair Braiding or Treebraids?:

Very thick hair? Bring it on- all hair types are welcome. We do not discriminate in any way shape or form. But I would call for an appointment first.

Need Treebraids or African Hair Braiding but have Hair Loss?:

If your hair line is already receding, ask the hair braider if there is a unique custom style that can be created just for you. Treebraids and hair braiding by Kaale does. It is offered without question. Each face and head shape is unique to an individual- the spacing of the eyes, eyebrows, the width of the face, the roundness or plateaued forehead. Hence each look is customized, no matter the general style. Even more so with loss of hair within the hair itself, but especially around the hair line. Treebraids and hair braiding by Kaale has been creating unique looks for women challenged with hair loss for almost a decade. And guess what? Her unique styles are copied by hair salons in Hamilton and Newark NJ. A cheapo hair braiding may cost you $1700 at the emergency room one day.

Treebraids, African Hair Braiding, and Hair Loss Prevention:

We use Royal Knots to secure the attachment: we do not believe that being heavy handed with your hair follicles is at all necessary. Heavy handed braiders contribute to future hair loss. Each time you go to your braider is there less and less hair to braid in the front of your hair? Mmmmhmm! That's a shame, something about this hair loss problem: visit

Hair Braiding Neatness and Style are Trademarks:

Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding is always neat, and chique. Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding can make a simple style look elegant. After a client in Jersey City, New Jersey, and another in Neptune, New Jersey referred to Kaales hair braiding as 'hollywood braids', it is safe to assume that we can make any woman that gets our treebraids look like a celebrity. Our newest blog on what are treebraids? Any woman that gets hair braiding from Kaales hair braiding looks like a lot of attention was paid to the look and appearance of each individual treebraid, micro braid, invisible braid, single braid, cornrow, and twist! The total effect is a stunning head of hair. Kaale has braided hair for celebrities too. Be your own celebrity with Treebraids by Kaale. In the comfort of your own home, or with a private appointment here.

You are the Queen/ King of Your own Hair Braiding Domain:

Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding has been providing such a wonderful service for over 12 years in NJ, and it was only since the last 3 years that world events have shaped the resurgence of mobile hair braiding. I would highly recommend Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding to busy professionals, talk show hosts, students, those who want to braid hair in the comfort of their homes or offices, who like to minimize exposure to germs from a hair salon, do not have the time to commute, need to keep an eye on children and/ events in the household, or want to feel like the Queen that God made women to be!

Unisex Hair Braiding and Treebraiding:

Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding caters to women, men, and children. Over 16 years experience braiding hair and personal experience has guided a 'tender loving touch' policy on braiding hair. Micro braids, Invisibles, Single Braids, Cornrows, Twists, Weaves Our hair braiding: Treebraids, Micros, Invisibles, Single Braids, Cornrows, Twists, partial Weaves in combination with micros, invisibles, and cornrows. Pick any combination!

Hair Braiding Maintenance:

When was the last time a hair braider asked you how long you planned on leaving your treebraids or braids in? Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding offers solutions to help keep that beautiful head of braids healthy, neat, and like new. Also, Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding offers real maintenance sessions- it doesn't take long at all to complete and is worth every minute to rejuvenate that beautiful head of braids after a month.

Treebraiding, and African Hair Braiding at the Office or Home:

We can come to you. Or, pick a hair braiding location. Kaale genuinely loves people, so don't be surprised that for all her experience and background, she continues to be polite, neat, confidential, and friendly. Get to know Kaale's treebraiding and hair braiding. Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding will make you look good.

Treebraids by Kaale's hair braiding- a Real Life Princess Braiding, no Pain, no Attitude:

Who knew? Kaale is a real African princess! Family still resides in Africa and London to this day. Remember the story of the princess and the pea? Your hair is in good hands with Kaale's treebraids and hair braiding. Kaale's background started in braiding, then some more braiding during college and after. After graduating with a BSc degree is Business Management from Trenton State College, Kaale has worked for some big name corporations. Kaale now focuses completely on the rewards that serving others using her extremely rich heritage and excellent and professional experience braiding hair since a very young age can bring. New styles are customized just for you, daily. Treebraids by Kaale's hair braiding is good for your overall sanity, and the well-being of your hair!

So many people have said that I, Kaale have such good information to share that I should write a book, and share my solutions to these problems.

Therefore, I know that if you have read this treebraids and braiding FYI, you need to be a part of our brand. Call me, Kaale- we are eager to listen to your problem that you need fixed. We provide custom solutions that fit your hair situation. No one style is exactly the will feel good that we spent the time on you and your hair. Treebraids  By Kaale: Clean, Safe, Location By African Princess

My New York professional model client says: Kaale, you take care of the whole person."

My McGuire AFB client says: Kaale, I don't know what I would do without you."

My Plainsboro NJ client's husband says: "I've got a new wife."

by: Treebraids by Kaale
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Treebraids By Kaale: Clean, Safe, Location By African Princess