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Tips on Traveling To Alicante

Tips on Traveling To Alicante

It may be business or pleasure that has you travelling to Alicante

, Spain, but whatever the reason is you are going, getting there is a breeze. Tourism is making its way to this once mostly industrial working city. As a result, more traveller friendly resources are becoming available. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the southeast region of Spain, Alicante is a bustling port and a well-populated region. That doesn't take away from the beautiful mountains to the west or the fact that it has some of the loveliest beaches to its east.

Getting There

Alicante is best reached by air from countries around the world. The El Altet International Airport is located just 6 miles (10 km) from the heart of the city. There are daily flights from other major cities in Spain including Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona. The Alicante airport is also serviced by major airline carriers from around Europe.

Travelling to Alicante is also possible by train or bus. Car hire services can be used within the city limits as well. Since Alicante is a region with its primary city bearing the same name, there are several other smaller towns that are accessible in Alicante by the railroad system known as the tram and trenet. These smaller railways go to Denia, Altea, and Benidorm. The two way services in and out of Alicante use motor buses to connect the city with the outlying towns and villages.Tips on Traveling To Alicante

A ferry from Algeria can also bring you into the city limits of Alicante. It is booked by going throught Romeu to Oran or Algeria. This is not the best or most reliable method of getting there since there can be upsets in service due to the political atmosphere of Algeria at any given time.

Once inside the city limits, it is really a walking city because of its small size. However, taxis and intercity busses are available as well as the tram to an from Plaza del Mar to the airport outside of town.

Where to Stay

Those who travel to Alicante from far away will require overnight accommodations which can be found in abundance. Many high rise hotels in the city centre let you stay in the heart of the business district. There are views from these skyscrapers toward the mountains or sea.

If you prefer a more resort like atmosphere for your stay, just outside the city along the beaches are hotels with breathtaking seaside views and easy access to the sun and sand.

Beach property is as luxurious as found in any resort and offers family-friendly options with a Mediterranean flare. These hotels are close to both the city and beach in this close-knit region.

What to ExpectTips on Traveling To Alicante

Once you have accomplished travelling to Alicante, you can expect a pleasant visit. This region sees a lot of sunshine year round and has some of the warmest water temperatures, reaching up to 80 F. If the surrounding cities get too warm, you can find some relief in Alicante by going to the beach and enjoying the sea breezes. The city can stay hot like all concrete clad cities, but you are just a short walking distance toward relief. The winter is mild and pleasant throughout the season, making it a great winter getaway for the region.

International travellers have started in recent years to frequent Alicante on day or weekend trips from other areas of Spain or Europe. Here they are pleased to experience Spain as it really is and not just the face it puts on for tourists. What was once a sort of dreary industrial town, has been given a makeover and become a welcoming attraction for Spaniards and international travellers both.

Tips on Traveling To Alicante

By: Jon Simms
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