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Three Common Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

Put simply, the purpose of general dentistry is to fix dental problems and ensure

good oral health while the purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to create a more attractive and natural looking smile. A beautiful smile can improve your self-confidence in social and professional situations. Recently, cosmetic dentistry has been revolutionized with technological advancements and improved products not only for your smile, but also for your back teeth as well.

Whitening Teeth With A Dental Professional

The most popular cosmetic procedure in dentistry is tooth whitening or bleaching. Even though there are whitening products available at your local stores, it is best to combine daily oral hygiene with the expertise of a dentist who is trained to whiten stained and discolored teeth.

This article will focus on two other popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry: porcelain veneers and dental implants. These procedures not only improve your smile, but also make your mouth healthier and help it function better.

Porcelain Veneers For A More Perfect Smile

For patients with front teeth that are discolored, chipped, crooked, or unevenly spaced, porcelain veneers offer an extremely popular way to mask these problems. The result of this relatively simple treatment can be a much more appealing smile. Although plastic and ceramic veneers are available, porcelain veneers are most popular because they are more translucent and look more natural. Porcelain veneers are also more durable and are stronger than other options, and they are more stain-resistant, too.

A veneer is an extremely thin porcelain shell or laminate that is cemented to the front surface of each affected tooth to change its shape or color. Because this is usually a painless procedure, only a local anesthesia may be needed. Sometimes a bit of the affected tooth will be shaved or filed off to enhance the fit of the veneer. A dentist uses dental putty to get the exact model of the teeth. This model is usually sent to a dental lab technician who makes custom-made veneers. Therefore, you will need a second dental appointment to have the custom veneers properly fitted onto your teeth.

Dental Implants To Replace Lost Or Damaged Teeth

If you lose teeth, then you have the option of replacing them with dental implants, dentures, or partial dentures. Dental implants have become popular because they feel and look like natural teeth. However, not everyone is a good candidate for implants. Because surgery is involved, it would be ideal if the patient were otherwise in good health and without chronic health problems like diabetes.

The material used in implants is made from metal and bone-like ceramics, which are compatible with tissue in the mouth. There are a couple of different procedures for dental implants depending on the health of your jaw and surrounding teeth.

Depending on several factors, dental implant surgery can be performed in either a hospital or a dental office. After the surgery, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics and/or pain medication. You will receive special care instructions for oral hygiene during the healing process.

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Three Common Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry