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Thinking is way to live a life and win

Thinking is way to live a life and win

I always wonder about positive thinking and negative thinking

. I have a good experience of being positive. But sometime it's become hard to think positive.

In our college, many activities were organized to relax the students in the month of April. Our college had little late to conduct it. It was conducted mostly in the December but due to some reason our college failed to conduct it then. So they decided to conduct it after 2nd term and it was in March. In the first week of April our college declared to conduct two days for sports and one day for cultural activities. According to our principal, it is period to be relaxed from the study and 3 days is not big negotiation as well as all students are prepared for annual exam because portion of 2nd term and annual exam is same.

I never participated before it but this time I prepared myself. I had not only prepared myself to participate in it but also decided to win competition at least in one. But as soon as competitions schedule was declared it made me upset. I was not prepared for exam so I couldn't give my extra time for it. According to it, competitions will be start at 2.00 P.M and the checked papers of examinations will be distributed on 11.A.M. It was our brilliant principal's brain. There were so many people like me who planned to being absent in those days. He wanted all should be present. There should be student to encourage the participant as well as developed the value of team-spirit and co-operation between students. According to him it will be right time for it.

Actually we all got that showing the checked paper was only luring who will not going to participate in it. And time distance was kept, so students can share their opinion as well as discuss the paper and after that they could get relaxed and be prepared for participation.

I was not participated in it excludes musical chair. I had participated in it just the once. After that it was second time I was going to take part. I decided to take part. All girls participated in it. I had determined to win it. First round was started. We were 48 girls so they divided us in 4 groups of 12 girls each & pick 3 girls from each group for final. I decided to first see the round of first group then go in. So I was in 2nd group. After them our turn came, I tried my best and I came in last three girls. I was in last round. We were 12 girls in final round. I was confident to win. I made my way. I was in last 4 girls. Suddenly my wish to be won started to disappear I didn't understand why this happen. I was in last 4 girls and I was near to win the competition. My mind started to get chocked with the thinking of losing and suddenly music was stopped and everyone started to find the chair. I also saw the vacant chair. I was about to move and the girl (her name was Pranita) before me, was just passing this chair and I thought she got this chair and I stood at one place. I didn't move from there and suddenly the girl before me pushed me and run so fast to get the same chair. I didn't understand what happens to me. All other started to ask me why didn't you run? You would have won. I answered them I thought Pranita got the chair so it was no use to run so I didn't run. Maybe it was my illusion. When we think depressingly, the result is always negative.

Negative thinker thinks "what is use of watering a dead plant?" & on the hand positive thinker thinks "I shall make dead plant to bloom" that is positive attitude. So think positively.

Thinking is way to live a life and win

By: sheetal
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Thinking is way to live a life and win