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Things To Do On A Weekend With Kids

Things To Do On A Weekend With Kids

Now that you kids are growing older, they are a lot more active and keen to learn new things

. Children love outdoors and the weekends are a great time for you to engage them in activities which require time and energy.

Once your child is about 4 years old, you can start teaching them to ride a bike or scooter. It is not early at all and with some help, they can slowly gain balance over the next few months. Each child takes different amount of time to learn different things - so it is our responsibility to allow them to explore new arenas.

There are three wheeled scooters and bikes with detachable wheels on both sides to help them start. Once they gain confidence the spare wheels can come off. Take them for a ride alongside yourself in your street or even drive to a open car park closely.

Other ideas could be a weekend off camping with their sleeping bags, marshmallows and story books. This is a great way for the parents to get away and spend some alone time with the kids. Although camping is more appealing in summer, it can be a lot of fun in winter too. You can light a fire and huddle around it while singing songs and toasting the marshmallows.

If you are looking for something in the city to do, indoor rock climbing and play centres can provide you warmth and fun during winter. Kids find rock climbing a lot of fun while they take their time and make it to the top. Exposing them to adventurous, adrenalin pumping activities also slowly gets rid of fear and phobias they make have.

You could also start on a project of your own to build them a little cubby house. There are DIY cubby houses that are a lot simpler to assemble while being a lot of fun for you while you build away and fun for them when you are finished. Grab a couple of tool toys for the kids so they can get to work along with you.

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Things To Do On A Weekend With Kids