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Parents Should Help Children To Reduce Stress

Parents Should Help Children To Reduce Stress

It is often seen that most of the children are stressed today

. Childrens busy schedule and lot of activities in school keeps them stressed. We can also say that competition in todays life is the main reason of stress among kids. Talking about stress, I remember the movie named 3 idiots. A must watch movie for all those who take stress for strange things. Saying in the movie goes Life begins with murder. If you don't compete, you will die. Parents should know that reducing stress for children is their task and no one else can do better than them. Childrens schedule has been very hectic nowadays which leads them into stress.

There are so many reasons for kids to be stressed. Tests in schools or performing in class can be one of the most stressful things a child can go through. Apart from this other kind of stresses for kids are like going to a new school, unusual fight between parents, fight with friends, scolding or beating from school. There are some signs from which we can find that kids are stressed or not, the signs include feeling uncomfortable or nervousness, nail biting, headache or stomachache.

Every parent wants their children to be successful. If we expect so much from our kids and at the same time we also should remember that our expectation should not be very high which costs kid a lot. Parents should be very careful when it comes to stress. It is very important for parents to listen to their kids when they feel that their child is going through some kind of stress and problem. It is also necessary for parents to assure their children that they are there for them during their problems. Parents should also have better understanding for their kids which shows them love and moral support from parents.

It is also known that healthy body helps in reducing stress so parents should be very careful about the regular meals and they also make sure that their child doesnt skip meals. It is not only parents who can reduce the stress among children. Teacher also has huge role to play when it comes to reducing stress. Teachers are the one who stay most of the time with students. So along with academic studies, school/teachers should also teach their students aboutgood problemsolving skills. Any type of problem is considering the root cause of stress, if child has a good problem solving skills, he/she can be better to cope up with any kind of stress issue.Parents Should Help Children To Reduce Stress

It is said that stress-free life help people to achieve their goals in life. But in todays world most people find it hard toattainastress-free life. To reduce some kind of stress, parents should do some activities that can help their children to maintain a stress free life. The activities can be daily exercise, regular play, relaxation, cycling, swimming or so on. If possible, parents should take their kids for trip during summer vacation. Holiday trip helps for both parents as well as kids to reduce stress in big way. Parents should make sure that their kid goes for play everyday. Everyday play freshens up the mind of kid, as the James Howell's proverb says All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

by: Raj
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