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The Delighted And Overjoyed Festivals Of Bangkok

The Delighted And Overjoyed Festivals Of Bangkok

In the city of Bangkok you will enjoy an array of celebrations

, festivals and events, celebrated all over the year. Amalgamating the Thais affluent culture and values, the city keeps an eventful social calendar that is of one of Asias leading, and embraces traditional, religious, modern and international festivities throughout the year. Traveling and booking the flights to Bangkok during the summer months will be lucky enough to get the bundle of activities to enjoy.

Bangkok Motor Show pulls 1.7 million spectators from all over the world flying especially for flights to Bangkok for the event. Continues for a week, the event exhibits the newest & hottest automotive technologies, automobiles, motorcycles and products from all corners of the planet.

World Gourmet Food Festival invites 7 award winning chefs and guests rush to Bangkok by flights to Bangkok to contribute in the fun. In a five star hotel the guests have to test a recipe from each of the expert chefs in one sitting.
The Delighted And Overjoyed Festivals Of Bangkok

Flower Show is beautiful, blossoming event is held in Swisstel Nai Lert Park, which displays a fine collection of floral plants that invites showbiz celebrities, floral designers and visitors from all over the by flights to Bangkok.

Songkran is the equal favorite festival of young and old. Continues for three days, every one pour scented water over one another, some sort of water war. Children pour water on the hands of their parents for respect. Surprisingly its a religious festival, but presents a great opportunity of fun for every one.

Bangkok International Film Festival the annual festival presents over 100 awesome local and worldwide films including seminars, and symposiums that call the showbiz and media persons globally by flights to Bangkok.

Chinese New Year Festival - As many of the people of Bangkok are from Chinese community, Chinese New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bangkok. In this event, people pay admiration to their forefathers and parents who have passed away. Many people from Chinese origins globally specifically reserve flights to Bangkok to celebrate the festival in Bangkok. It is also family social event where the parents & elders give money to the children and they all lunch or meal together.

Trooping of the Colors- the inspiring and bright event is organized in the Royal Plaza by the equestrian statuette of King Chulalongkorn. The palace guards, dressed up in light, nearly gaudily colored uniforms march up and down in the midst of much splendor and grandeur. They parade by the members of the royal family, vowing their loyalty to the king family.

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