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The XJ Series By Yamaha, Solid and Reliable. by:Jim R Myers

The XJ Series By Yamaha, Solid and Reliable. by:Jim R Myers

The Yamaha XJ series was produced from 1981 until 1991 after that it was replaced by the Yamaha Diversion

. It is a lightweight bike weighing only five hundred pounds, with an in line fore cylinder engine and is one of the first bikes to have a mono rear suspension. Today they are relatively cheap to pick up and serve as great bikes for getting around town or getting to and from work.

The Yamaha XJ 650 was and still is a very useful bike that can be picked up for less then two thousand dollars. This bike is great for any one looking to test their hand at fixing up an old bike. The engine feels weak wile in the lower RPMs but that is due to the in line 4-cylinder. The breaking is very weak and is definitely one of the first things that needs to be upgraded. Other then the breaking there are usually only 3 things that to be done. The oil needs to be changed, spark plugs changed, and new air filter.

The Yamaha XJ 700 offers a little bit more powerful engine with 86 horsepower. But it still has the problem of not enough power in lower RPMs. However it compares nicely to any 600cc sport bike on today's market and rides very comfortably. It has a seat height of thirty inches and the front pegs are far enough forward that it gives a very comfortable ride even if it is cross-country.

The Yamaha XJ 900 was originally introduced in 1983 in 1993 it was discontinued. It has an air cooled, double overhead camshaft 4 cylinder engine that has 853cc. It was remodeled in 1984 with an engine that gave you 893cc and with the more conventional front forks gave you a much nicer ride then its predecessor. It is comparable to any 750cc sport bike in today's market.The XJ Series By Yamaha, Solid and Reliable. by:Jim R Myers

If you decide to buy a used Yamaha XJ parts and manuals are easy to come by. This makes it the perfect bike to work on and restore for any one new to motorcycle restoration. But remember when you purchase one that no matter how good it looks from the outside or how well it drives that you are going to have to repair or pay to have repaired with in weeks or months. That's just the way it is when you buy a bike that has been discontinued for eighteen years.

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An overview of the Yamaha XJ Series and its capabilities. Get more information about Yamaha XJ Series. See the following link
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The XJ Series By Yamaha, Solid and Reliable. by:Jim R Myers