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The Requirements For The Doctor And Master Degree

The Requirements For The Doctor And Master Degree

The system of postgraduate education in the United States has its own structure and peculiarities

. It is not a secret that there are two types of degrees which American postgraduate educational establishments offer a student. They are the Masters degree and the Doctors degree.

The Master and Doctor Degrees: Peculiarities

These two degrees are different and, consequently, the requirements for them are also different. Usually the type of degree is noted at the application before the entry to this or that higher educational establishment. If a student shows good results and outstanding academic achievements and applies for the Masters degree, the university administration may allow the student to study and receive the Doctor degree. And on the contrary, if a student applies for the Doctor degree, and later he/she completes the Doctor course but fails to write a dissertation, he/she may receive the Masters degree.

Sometimes students are required to pass a number of examinations in order to show their knowledge in this or that field. Sometimes only one test is to be passed by a student at the end of the first year of Doctoral or Master study. This test is usually held to check the students knowledge which they obtained at the end of college education.

Sometimes students are allowed to perform the function of tutors and lecturers. This position helps to distinguish the level of students responsibility.

Comparing with the Masters students, the Doctor students spend their first two years studying the course subjects. The information they receive will help them with their dissertations. Only after two years or even earlier they start their research work. The Masters students write their dissertations at the end of their education. Besides, dissertation is an option. It is not necessary for future masters to write this paper, they may choose to write a course work.

by: Jordon Casinger
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The Requirements For The Doctor And Master Degree