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The Real Shine Of Tooth Diamonds

After the fad of teeth bleaching and after the trend of frequently visiting orthodontic

clinics for teeth modification, consumers are now indulging themselves to a new trend in the dental industry- tooth diamonds. Since the ancient civilizations, jewelries and precious stones are being used to signify civil status and importance. Now, with few twists these precious ornaments are being used by a lot of people to signify wealth and to make their features more appealing and more defined. The dental industry can now perfect the dental features of an individual. From the old dental services of teeth realignment and teeth bleaching, dental clinics start to innovate new ways of further improving the already perfected dental features of individuals.

One of the results of years of years of dental research and dental testing is tooth diamonds. This dental breakthrough is the combination of ornamental research and dental innovations. The integration of precious stones and expensive metals to the teeth used to be an old practice in olden times, but now it is being revived through international dental clinics that offer services on ornamenting the human teeth. Using diamonds in redefining the smiles of its consumers only require glue fixings and does not require any surgeries. The painless feature of this dental ornament makes it more viable and demanded by a huge market base.

Tooth diamonds are generally made from synthetic materials, real diamond stones are too expensive to be affixed to the human teeth. Real diamonds in its small size can be easily swallowed by its owner, which will make its owner bear a huge financial loss. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are made from flat glass which is set in a foil background. The glass and foil parts of the synthetic diamond are glued together by composite bonds which makes them almost durable for a lifetime. The foil background makes this dental ornament brighter and shinier. Aside from being more attractive, synthetic diamonds used in tooth diamonds are cheaper and easier to repair. This new ornamental fashion is now sweeping across huge customer base because of its glamour, shine and affordability. For more information visit to our site at

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The Real Shine Of Tooth Diamonds