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The rat race and the true meaning of a happy life

The rat race and the true meaning of a happy life

Human beings are caught up in a rat race and want to achieve riches and power without working for them

. Man is simply materialistic and looks for shortcuts to achieve goals. He fails in the process. RAMA SHARMA takes a look at the pitfalls facing us all and asks us to pause for a minute and reflect on contenment and the truemeaning of life.

The Rat Race and the True Meaning of a Happy Life

By Rama Sharma

From the beginning of existence, human beings have always had materialistic desires. Their demands never end. Neither have they obtained satisfaction. They chase materialistic things all their lives and wish to be mega rich the easy way and have power to control weaker people. It is because of this quest, the human being is never satisfied. In the process he loses his sense of direction in life. The human being is less interested in doing good deeds for the community. He hates putting in hard graft. He wants to fulfil his desires and demands by committing sins but because of the fear of breaking God's laws goes to the temples to pray and ask for forgiveness.

The human being's biggest shortcoming is that he has no satisfaction. He is never satisfied and wastes most of his time day dreaming.

He hates his past which helps him build his future. He has lost his grip on the mission in life. In future when he thinks of his unfulfilled past, he has regrets and sheds tears over his failures.

Has anyone thought the reasons for this quest? What does today's human being want? And, why is he so angry with the world? He shirks from doing hard work and he just prefers a lazy life. And, if he gets his desires without working for them, he will be excited for a while. That really is not his future. He is bound to get failures along the path. It is at this time that he gets surrounded by disappointments. Do you know why? It is because he now likes something else! The first choice seems to present problems to him and, in truth, he had obtained even that without working for it!

To seek a cure for that disappointment he ends up visiting doctors. Even there he fails to obtain satisfaction he starts finding faults. Now he takes out his disappointment and failures on his family. He even complains to his parents that they failed to look after him properly. His wife and his children also receive the rough edge of his treatment because he claims that they are the cause of his disappointment.

It is not his family or those close to him who are to blame for this state of affairs. It is him personally who has to carry the can for his failures and disappointments.

The cause for his disappointment is mainly his failure to appreciate what is in his hands. Believing the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, he craves for something else. And, even to get this, he does not want to work hard!

It is very this very reason he ends up hating everything and not getting contentment in life. Without realising anything he becomes part of the rat race. He neither has a sense of direction, nor a mission in life.

He does not even have the time to think of the path he is on and keeps blaming others for his restlessness. He fails to understand that he is only running away from himself. This is because he wants to achieve his goals without working and sweating it out for them. This is not really possible. Truly speaking, only those who work hard can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

You do not have to labour hard to think of the past and for this, few like to dwell on their past. Hard work is important to secure a good future and because a secure future depends on hard work few choose not to take that direction.

As they have to work hard for the family. That is why they shun the family. Everyone likes to spin dreams but hate working hard to fulfil their responsibilit

In order to obtain a secure future, the human being has to wage a war against all odds and make compromises along the way. In the end, obviously, there is no guarantee the results will be positive. There can be painful results too. If you know life is not a bed of roses, and that there can be thorns along the way too, the struggle to achieve your mission can be smoother. This will not eliminate his pain but certainly act as a balm to soothe him along the way.

And, even while treading on the path of thorns, he does not forget to smile, the pain will be eased. And, life will become much more comfortable.

We have to realise that not all problems can be solved at the stroke of a hand you cannot get everything in life.

Human beings know this but will refuse to accept this rule of life. They will want things their way even if they have to sacrifice their nears and dears to fulfil their demands. This is because he is very selfish. Where will all this greed take him? This is what he refuses to consider and has got no time to think.

Man is so possessed with materialistic things in life that all he wants is the luxuries that go with it a palatial house, cars and gizmos that make life easy. Alongwith all this, he seeks wide recognition of success in life. To achieve this he has put all those close to him in life on the altar. That is what causes dissatisfaction in his mind!

This is the cause of all that friction and that kills off humanity in him. It is the selfishness that turns him into a zombie or a machine. And, even if he achieves his heart's desire, at the back of his mind, he is unhappy and disappointed in life. Sometimes, the turmoil is so great that he does not even know what he wants in life! He wonders why he is in the rat race!!

This is because he gave up everyone he loved along the way as he took the road to get his materialistic demands.

It is at this juncture that the reality hits him hard he is standing alone in his struggle of life. He has left his well-wishers far away behind him. It is at this time that he remembers his past but they have become memories.

He then laments the direction he has taken in life and misses his past when he had his nears and dears but not the materialistic things.

To conclude this is the result of one's greed and selfishness. These are the mysteries of hope and disappointments.

If you live a life of contentment with what you have, then life becomes worth living. We must all learn from the pain and failures of the others who have lost the lot along the way. If we learn from their mistakes we can make our lives a bed of roses.

If human beings stop jumping into the rat race, only then they can begin the enjoy life. Only then you can have peace of mind. This is the only one good way of enjoying life and gaining successes by hard work and honesty.

Rama Sharma

Translated from Hindi and edited by Shamlal Puri in London

The rat race and the true meaning of a happy life

By: Rama Sharma
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The rat race and the true meaning of a happy life