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The Purchase Of 50 Large And Medium Electric Motor Insurance Green Standard Delivery During The

The Purchase Of 50 Large And Medium Electric Motor Insurance Green Standard Delivery During The

To Beijing with the restrictions of foreign vehicles and is about to begin limited

number of single and double line, many people worry about buying a home than the electrical delivery. In response, medium and large appliances to consumers had a reassurance?? Medium and large companies bought 50 new green standard car will pass in use, medium and large delivery services will not affect the limited line.

Reporter has learned that more than two months of traffic restriction line, logistics operations for many companies has brought the impact can not be ignored. Today is the restrictions on foreign vehicles entering the first day of Beijing, Dazhong Electric Appliance Operating Officer Liu Haibin told reporters ahead of time into account as


Traffic restrictions will be introduced before the line of measures, medium and large appliances from the early stocking a range of transportation services to delivery logistics system's work has come up with solutions early in the decree of measures to ensure the maximum extent permitted by smooth logistics, time and shelf life .

From the Beijing Municipal Government issued the traffic before the Olympic Games security measure, the reporter interviewed a number of logistics companies found that, because they have experienced the last line of short-term tests are restricted to limited numbers, and "Good Luck Beijing" test events in the traffic control measures for many industries during the Olympic Games well prepared to implement measures to limit line. In particular the logistics and distribution of electrical stores accounting for heavier, medium and large addition to buy green standard car, but also through the recruitment of the team during the Olympic Games and a series of measures to ensure the logistics and distribution.

"Now is the time

Flat Panel TV


Air conditioning

, Refrigerator, washing machine etc category

Home Appliances

When the concentration of large-scale promotions. Long lines of traffic restrictions for the first time to our delivery, installation service is indeed a severe test, but we have to be prepared to actively take measures to adjust the transport, this effect can be completely reduced significantly. "Dazhong Electric Appliance Operating Officer Liu Haibin said.

According to Liu Haibin

introduced on July 1 constrained foreign vehicles to Beijing, the main logistics base for replenishment of the large and medium speed to some extent. To solve this problem, medium and large addition to strive for more restrictions may be run from the documents, have been part of automobile transportation in advance to adjust for the short rail or use other transport modes, to ensure smooth and timely transportation pipeline. Taking into account the southern region this year by earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters are more severe, medium and large procurement in supply models adjusted for individual category and procurement source, as much as possible so the choice of Qinhuai north near Beijing areas, such as in Shandong, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei and other places. On the other hand, would consider limited line impact of early, pre-stocking has been increased when the number of such "two-pronged approach" to ensure ample supply.

For odd and even numbers within the limits of Beijing on the delivery of lines, Liu Haibin, said one of the measures to expand the team size is more important is a reasonable arrangement to extend the operation of vehicles in the day time and improve transport efficiency. He also suggested that a large shopping intention of consumers shopping the best arrangements in advance to ensure timely delivery and installation.

Line from the odd and even numbers are limited to two weeks time, from the beginning of this week, medium and large electrical appliances comply with the Olympic opportunity, will be the annual celebration of the Central Tower Shop 6, as an opportunity to focus on promotion at all category. Before the limit to buy electrical appliances, not only can avoid the inconvenience distribution, flat


, Air conditioning in the price certainly is the most rock bottom this year.

The Purchase Of 50 Large And Medium Electric Motor Insurance Green Standard Delivery During The

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