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The Petroleum: A Fortune Or Disaster

The Petroleum: A Fortune Or Disaster

As we all know, petroleum, a kind of fossil fuel

, comes from deep underground. Its definition says that hydrocarbon come as its main elements, Combustible and clour oily liquid mineral substance.

The ancient marine life and lakes life come in to the petroleum after a very very long time. The professionals say that the petroleum we used came in to being several Million years or even thousand million years ago.

Now the amount of the worldwide petroleum reaches to 3000 thousands million tons and one third in ocean. The petroleum dispersed mainly in the Persian GulfRussia, America, China and south America.

The petroleum is the basic raw material of chemical industry and the most important fuel. At most time, the petroleum is made to fuel oil and gasoline, and as the same time, it is the raw material of chemical industry, such as chemical fertilizer, insecticide, and plastic, so people call it as liquid gold. It cannot be denied that the petroleum support the global economy in a lot of aspects and there is no doubt that with no petroleum. We can never get a comfortable and convenient life!

However, when we exploit petroleum, we make so many efforts. We are eager to get petroleum, but we dont consider the earth can weather endure; We are eager to get petroleum, so we can waging war to some other countries, for instance, America aggress Iraq. The most I can never bear is that we do numerous harms to our environment. We can find the petroleum can be the pollution source of soil pollution, air pollution, ocean pollution and so on. It seems that the petroleum can make effort to all of the environment problems!

The petroleum, is it a fortune or disaster? There are a various opinion and heavy arguments. As far as I am concerned, the petroleum should never be blamed. It is the way how we exploit and use made so much embarrassing problems. The god give us so precious natural resources, just wanting we have an easier life. We should not treat it as the tool of making money, not to mention to harm the environment. The petroleum does not belong to the contemporary people, our ancestors pass it on to us, so we should share it with our coming generations.

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The Petroleum: A Fortune Or Disaster