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The Perfect Travel Organizers for Long Car Trips by:Shannon McCoy

The Perfect Travel Organizers for Long Car Trips by:Shannon McCoy

While long car trips can definitely be fun, sometimes you have to work at it to make sure everything is in place for an enjoyable excursion

. When you have spent several hours on the road with nothing around, sometimes that thrilling road-trip feeling starts to lose its excitement, and you find yourself wishing you had organized your car a little better to make yourself more comfortable during this long drive. Take the headaches out of long car trips with these super organizers and gadgets that can make life on the road a little easier.

Insulated Car Seat Organizer:

Say goodbye to soda cans and candy bars lost underneath the seat and say hello to the Insulated Car Seat Organizer. This fantastic item is perfect for storing lunches, snacks, and drinks necessary for long car rides. Simply hang the organizer over the back of one of the front seats. Children or others who are sitting in the back seat will have easy access to all of the items it is containing. This organizer includes several pockets of different sizes, and the entire item is insulated in order to keep your drinks and snacks cool on even the hottest of days. The best part of this organizer is that you can fold it up and use the attached shoulder strap to take with you anywhere you go!

Automotive Money Counter Cup:The Perfect Travel Organizers for Long Car Trips by:Shannon McCoy

If you are the kind of person who stores loose change in your car, you might want to invest in the Automotive Money Counter Cup for all of your long road trips. Keep your money organized and loose change accounted for with this nifty, little device that conveniently fits in any size cup holder. The unit counts the money you deposit in the cup, and the large digital LCD screen displays the total clearly.

Head Rest Trash Bag:

It is easy to lose sight of the floor of your car on long trips with all of the trash from drinks and snacks that unfortunately gets tossed down there. Keep your car clean and keep the trash off the floor with a head rest trash bag. The bag fits snugly over the back of a front seat, and has a drawstring to keep the bag closed to ensure that your trash does not spill out everywhere.

Between Seats Electric Cooler:

For those really long road trips, a large supply of cool drinks and plenty of snacks is definitely in order. Keep it your treats cool and organized with a Between Seats Electric Cooler that can perfectly fit in your mini-van, boat, or SUV. The unit plugs into the car's cigarette lighter to keep items refrigerated. The best part about this item is that it is fully portable and can be removed for those picnics at rest stops, or at the beach, or any other outdoor destination!

Micro Cool Mini Fridge

Since the Between Seats Electric Cooler might not be suitable for smaller vehicles, the Micro Cool Mini Fridge is an excellent alternative. This tiny fridge is large enough to hold half a dozen soda-size cans, and it can plug into a standard AC car outlet. Perfect for keeping drinks or sandwiches cold while you are on the road. With the flick of a switch you can keep any drink or food warm also!

GPS Pal Cup Holder Mount:

Staying organized is not only about bringing along enough food for the trip. You also have to make sure that you reach your destination safely, and without getting lost! You can improve your navigation skills with a GPS, but then you have to worry about things such as whether the GPS will reduce your windscreen visibility, the possibility of your car being broken into, and of course the messy wires that clutter up the car.

Solve all three problems at once with the GPS Pal Cup Holder Mount, a nifty little gadget that allows you to clip your GPS on a standard-size cup holder. You can easily roll the wires up at the bottom of the unit to make your GPS less visible to passers-by. Even better is that you will have improved windshield visibility, and will not have to reach over the steering wheel to program the unit. With this mount, your GPS will stay out of the sun, or make unsightly suction marks on your windshield. The Perfect Travel Organizers for Long Car Trips by:Shannon McCoy

Talking Trip Advisor:

Due to their sometimes expensive price, not everyone has a GPS. One great alternative to a GPS is the Talking Trip Advisor, a handy gadget that clips to your windscreen visor. Priced around $20, it is a fraction of the price of a GPS and has many of the same vital functions. The Talking Trip Advisor is programmed with around 80,000 destinations including gas stations, hotels, and campsites across America. With this device it is easy to plan long road trips as well as short errand runs!

About the author

Shannon McCoy is a freelance writer who writes about family and vacationing, often suggesting great products for family trips such as travel organizers
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