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The 5th C of Email Management: Continuance by:Deb LaQua

The 5th C of Email Management: Continuance by:Deb LaQua

Building an email list doesn't usually happen overnight

. It takes consistent effort on your part. OK, let's face it - it takes work.

The work can be fun, but work it is. Consistent effort.

So, once you have developed a list of people who are interested in who you are and what you have to offer, you want them to stick around!

You don't want a bunch of tire-kickers just ho-hum followers who never read or buy anything from you, but are too lazy even to click the unsubscribe button!

You want raving fans!

People whose needs are so well matched to your products and services that they want everything you produce. The perfect win-win.

Seven Secrets to Creating Your Own Raving Fans

Here are some no or low-cost techniques you might incorporate into your business relationship with your prospects and customers. They may not all be perfect for your market and business, but some of them will work great.

1. Offer great content. OK, I know this one isn't new, but it is so important that it gets a mention (again) here. You can take this a bit further and get into a conversation about what your market wants - and then provide it.

2. Drop someone a personal email, or pick up the phone and call them. Just to tell them how much you appreciate them. Or to see if they have any questions about the product they just purchased.

3. Send them a surprise bonus. Out of the blue, just email them a link to a free report or audio that will be of great value to them. Or you might choose to send them a physical product, but remember that digital products cost you nothing extra whether you give it to 2 people or 2,000 people, once you have created the product.

4. Reward your customers with special benefits or 'Gold Status.' Can you create a special 'members only' section of your blog, where you provide higher value content for your customers? Or maybe send them a coupon they can apply to anything you offer on your site.

5. Offer Subscriber-only Teleseminars. While offering free teleseminars to anyone who signs up are amazing for building your list, providing targeted, content-rich teleseminars just for your subscribers or customers also has huge value. Then after it is over, repurpose it and sell it as a product.

6. Share the wealth. Since your intent is to create dynamite content, products and services, your best customers can become your best marketing as well. Create an affiliate program and invite your customers and subscribers to join with you in marketing your products. There is nobody who can promote your material as powerfully as someone who paid money for it and loved it!

7. And lastly, appreciate your prospects and customers, and let them know it! They are the lifeblood of your business.

About the author

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The 5th C of Email Management: Continuance by:Deb LaQua