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10 Luggage Tips for Travelers by:Alex Bayron

10 Luggage Tips for Travelers by:Alex Bayron

Carrying luggage have been a troublesome task to any traveler

. But before whining about this daunting task, always remember that this is one of the most important things beside our plane ticket!

Everybody loves to have vacation and traveling from one place to another give anyone interesting ideas to relax and enjoy the holiday break. However when it come to luggage and other stuff needed to spend the holiday most of our faces grumble on managing them into our bags! Here are some helpful tips you can have to leave trouble out of your miserable packing experience.

1. Before boarding the plane check the maximum luggage size allowed, then buy it.

Most of us who likes to travel wants to reduce the size of our bags and other luggage. Ironically this is a disadvantage especially if your traveling overseas. Why not take the advantage of the maximum luggage dimension in case you need to pack some items and other goodies back to your home. This way you no longer need to buy an extra bag to put those things in.10 Luggage Tips for Travelers by:Alex Bayron

2. This is a bit tricky! Wear as much clothes as you can, especially the bulkiest of them all!

Wear clothes like coats, jeans, boots and any other things that are thick and heavy this would reduce luggage space and weight. However if your destination is a tropical country, this is a bad idea. If you don't want to mess up your fashion statement I guess you have to make way for those clothes.

3. Making a list of your luggage is a must have!

This is a task you can do perfectly all the time and every time you go abroad. When you go home and unpacked things you didn't use, just cross it out! And take note of the things you didn't use so you'll have an idea on what things to bring or not on your next trip.

4. Buying things in your destination would greatly reduce the space of your luggage.

Basic things are always available in your destination, you will probably have time to shop in the area, basic things like toothbrush, soap, tissues and any other personal hygiene materials. Now if you are into souvenir shops and brought limited number of shirts, buy specialized shirts in the area which will eventually be in your memorabilia on your trip abroad.

5. Pour Toiletries into smaller bottles

For necessary Toiletries, get rid of family sized bottles and dispense what you need to smaller bottles. This will save you a lot of luggage space and it will also greatly reduce the weight you need to carry during transport. Take note, if you ran out there is always an option to buy for a refill.

6. Rolling our Clothes

This is an old trick! It is not magic nor anything performed by David Blane. Instead of folding your clothes try rolling them, why? It is easier to pack clothes into corners and prevents creases created by folding.

7. Wearing Clothes with lots of pockets.

Well world war is over and Nam has already been out of the picture. Cargo pants seems to ruin your travel catwalk! Anyway wearing clothes with lots of pockets would greatly reduce the amount of space in your luggage. Clothes like this would even give you easier access to your digital camera, cell phone and other stuff you needed to reach your destination.

8. Transforming Clothes

It is not the movie or anything connected to Sam Witwicky! Try buying specialized clothes that converts like trousers into shorts and short sleeve shirts into long sleeve shirts. Not only that they are lightweight they are non creasing and quick drying too. By having these clothes working functionality twice as hard you can save tons of space in your luggage, giving you more space for your souvenir stuffs.

9. Purchase Travel Materials that are compactly designed.

Besides compacting your clothes into its smallest size , try buying travel accessories that are designed to fit in limited amount of space. Like a towels there are towels available anywhere that is a quarter of the traditional towel.10 Luggage Tips for Travelers by:Alex Bayron

10. Tips and Research

Besides planning your trip, make some research like browsing the Internet, reading travel journals and many more. This will give you vital information on how to maximize your luggage's compactness. And one more thing ask a travel expert, surely they will guide you to pack things properly and neatly to your bags.

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10 Luggage Tips for Travelers by:Alex Bayron