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Super Dlt-1 Tape Is Mixer Of Reliability, Durability & Tough Quality

Super Dlt-1 Tape Is Mixer Of Reliability, Durability & Tough Quality

SLDT (Super Digital Linear Tape) is a magnetic tape data storage format technology

and it is actually improved form of DLT data storage tapes, which is developed by DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation). This is very trustworthy with low cost design of storage devices. Super Digital Linear tape uses advanced and reliable technology Linear Serpentine recording methods with multiple tracks on 12.7mm tape. The Cartridge has included with a single reel and tape is chosen of the cartridge by way of a leader tape close to the adopt reel within the drive. SDLT1 Maxell 183700, tape speed is restricted by the electronically by means of the reel motors, SDLT improved with more new features and reliability, added with Optical Servo System to reads servo prototypes on the rear of the tape to remain the data track on the face of the tape properly united with the Read/Write heads.

Imation 16260 SDLT 1, is most reliable storage media which give more reliability and long term seamless scalability. As well these SDLT tapes are so cost efficient and offers for different SMBs and other data storage centers.

HP C7980A SDLT-1, provide the highest quality standard with excellent long term data preservation, performance according to industry requirements. HP SDLT-1 tape, is able to store 160-320 GB data which is most reliable and most demanded features of any data storage device, and with this massive data storage ability the SMBs requirements can be sufficient at very low cost and further save the most important IT investment.

Quantum MR-SAMCL-01, is perfect solution for every budget and data storage requirement, and these SDLT tapes specifically build with comprehensively tough measures for more durability and this is compatible with SDLT1 tape drives with very high performance which is satisfies the demand of high speed backup with more security and outstanding reliability.

Fuji 26300001 SDLT-1 tape, is offer internal and external flawless attachment and improved the media alternative. SDLT 1 tape has ability to reach 16 MB/Sec native data transfer speed and offering the fast and secure speed according to demands by the these days commercial settings. The fast and reliable speed is most important to storage and recovery of data within new type of E businesses; massive storage ability requires being back up in a realistic time perimeter.

Sony SDLT1-320, is also compatible with SDLT1 tape drive and which has aptitude to read data from previous DLT 4 tapes, which make sure to many users of earlier creation to improve their structure in a expenditure consequences way, while enlarging their preceding DLT savings.

IBM 35L1119 SDLT-1 tapes, is so strong and scalable with high speed SDLT tape drive and offers longer term sturdiness with continue excellent performance and a rock-hard podium to grip the rigid confronts at the most effected value.

SDLT-1 tape, can be utilized in impartial storage settings and tape libraries additionally, SDLT tape ultra fine coating technique make it more smooth tape standard which offers best reliability and ensures consistency under high duty working conditions. Maxell SDLT1, IBM SDLT-1, Imation SDLT 1, Sony SDLT1, Quantum SDLT-1, HP SDLT 1, and Fuji SDLT1 tapes are offered by with best class quality and prices.

SDLT 1 is most reliable and low cost data storage media which offers better storage ability and speed.

by: Lars Son
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Super Dlt-1 Tape Is Mixer Of Reliability, Durability & Tough Quality Washington