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Prostate cancer, survival has been through constant research will find cures and preventive measures for prostate cancer. However, a patient can not live by other methods. These methods relate to prognosis, which is possible even in the metastatic state. Also, the change of lifestyle, dietary habits, and inculcate the exercise part of daily routine.

The use of the vaccine has been in the growth of tumor after treatment, which helps extend the Prostate cancer survival. In addition, vaccines to help in the distribution of the tumor, thus preventing the possible recurrence of the disease. However, the life of life after the disease also depends on other factors such as age and family history.

Besides these two factors was carried out other important factors, that is the life of a patient affected by contact with the disease, nutrition, ethnicity, obesity and the discovery stage of the disease. In most cases you will find that patients whose cancer cells have not penetrated beyond the prostate gland more likely to survive.

So if a person involved in prostate cancer increases the chances of survival, must take all steps necessary to stop the recurrence of disease after treatment. The patient should follow the restrictions for life and follow the routine check-up procedures.

But sometimes a patient will lose hope, because most of its organs, is being developed in and around the prostate problems, especially the area of the rectum and bladder. On the other hand, increases sexual capacity of patients, and during the process of treatment and after treatment developed erectile--dysfunction. This impotence of Prostate cancer can be temporary or permanent.

Prostate cancer impotence treatment depends on the type approved for the treatment of disease. Observation shows that surgery and removal of the prostate gland produces a permanent erectile--dysfunction. However, there is an established fact that, at present, different methods of surgery are available that lead to the elimination of the parts without damaging the nerves that allow the blood to the penis.

In addition to surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy also leads to Prostate cancer impotence. However, the proportion of male erectile--dysfunction is higher in radiation therapy, and this problem can take a long time for this type of treatment, but in hormone therapy, is the period of erectile--dysfunction less.

Therefore, if a person suffers from Prostate cancer cancer, should not wait, as the appropriate treatment, the change in lifestyle and the application of the restrictions will certainly help alleviate the problem. In addition, the growth rate is very slow for this disease, which is another factor that helps increase Prostate cancer survival.About the Author:

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