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Staying Safe - Yet Having Fun and Enjoying Life!

Staying Safe - Yet Having Fun and Enjoying Life!

Withthe holidays coming near,and fallis now in session

,the partying mode kicking into gear, it is important to pay good attention to your surroundings to keep yourself safe.

Whilealot of usare outon theweekendhaving a great time drinking beers or cocktails, it is veryimportant to keep in mind that if you are drinking or know someone who is,the smart partier will have made prior arrangementsto havea designated driver so everyone can make it home safe!

Most of us do not make these kinds of provisions before we venture out and about and I'm at fault as the rest of you! Not only are we taking other lives into our hands we also stand the chance of being arrested with a DUI! How will you get to where you are going if they take your license away?

Safety is another issue that needs to be addressed!Many of uslook forwardtogoing out on the weekends as we work 5+ days a week,themany criminal minded individuals are also outto enjoy their weekend too, however, not in the same wayyou or I are.

Take precaution while driving to destinations, stay away from areasthat do not appear to be a place you should be. If you have to walk anywhere it is best that you are with other people. I suggest at least three of you minimum. Attackers will be less likely to harm you if you are in a small crowd.

If you own pepper spray or a stun device, make sure you are in a position to use it if you have to. The last thing you want is for your attacker to take your self defense weapon away from you and use it against you.

Watch the type of protection you are carrying as not all will work on an individual who has been drinking alcohol or doing drugs.

Make the best ofeverydayby being safe smart!

Staying Safe - Yet Having Fun and Enjoying Life!

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Staying Safe - Yet Having Fun and Enjoying Life! Ashburn