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Stars And Cloakroom: Senior Social Life Solution

Stars And Cloakroom: Senior Social Life Solution

Half of the living room, half of the cloakroom

Singer Zhou Yanhong Singer in the entertainment industry very seriously cloakroom.

Work for us because of the need to put my clothes according to season.

Me a lot of happiness comes from cloakroom, a lot of my idle time to time on the locker room, even with a look or re-sort will bring a lot more fun, often want to have a new cloakroom of adjustment and planning, and will be very excited. I would love to make life even more. Stars And Cloakroom: Senior Social Life Solution

Cloakroom = personal image Management Expert Yan Zhixian "fashion

Home "Assistant publisher and editor

Cloakroom birth should be said and people's social life to a certain extent, the ever-changing society, people have to changing their social image, the faster change in people's lives, in fact, the ability to transform the image will be stronger, must have the resources to support this change, when the quality change, people need a space to host these needs, the original can be stacked many clothes, but later discovered that there are many high-end

Clothing Need dry cleaning, you need to hang, hanging space to more than stacking space, such as women need to attend a lot of dinner, she would very much like to see all the shoes at a glance, look like, and her own dress is a good match , including the handbags too, can not be stuffed up, is placed in suspension, jewelry is hanging, in order to cope with busy social life, to shorten the garment with time. Cloakroom in addition to carrying clothing, but also to meet the efficiency requirements.

Men more and more attention to their image, all high-income men to dry suit is the grade, will be more hanging space and all the ties need to hang all the pants need to hang, slowly they will focus on shoes, briefcase and dress themselves with today, this choice of clothing with the requirements also decided they needed more space.

What people need cloakroom. When the complexity of a person's life to a certain extent, he needs to. These people are usually more successful in business is people, their lives and the consumption of power is the same. We see a community of people that gradually expand, as we said, has been expanding middle class, like a long time will be shown an overall upward trend.

Cloakroom is a man who lives outside of the projected image of themselves, their expectations of what life is, is a small cloakroom

Mirror Can reflect the aspirations of their hearts. Some 50 clothing can not be peaceful, some people can peaceful coexistence 300 clothes, and some people know what kind of life, cloakroom very clear, some people do not know what is the most suitable, you see his closet to know.

The development of technology to provide diversification for the closet a lot of support, there are many intelligent facilities to save on space, on the other hand to open the management of our clothing a number of ways. Division and clothing storage space means some changes have taken place, people

Storage Way to continuously explore new technologies, in fact, people are brought in to resolve the difficulties of space to people, while also exploring what people want and how to interact between clothing may slowly after how many years, we found that we and clothing of completely changed the relationship between, we find that it is not an object of clothing will be very active and there is a communication between us to provide a new means of communication. I think the design of future cloakroom more closer with the people, not simply an object management.

People what their expectations of life, people demand their attention to what people should choose what kind of space in their lives occupy an important position, if you think your image is valuable, if you think the fun in the locker room available, do not need to suppress the demand on the cloakroom.

Stars And Cloakroom: Senior Social Life Solution

By: weihua
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Stars And Cloakroom: Senior Social Life Solution