» Auto Insurance » Some Useful Tips Regarding Car Inspection by:Andy Morgan

Some Useful Tips Regarding Car Inspection by:Andy Morgan

Some Useful Tips Regarding Car Inspection by:Andy Morgan

Before you commit to buy any used cars, a complete and exclusive inspection is must

. Your probable car needs a methodical inspection by an experienced mechanic even if you have properly inspected the vehicle yourself. If not the mechanic, you can take the help of automobile vehicle inspections services. They charge nominal fees for their services.

Whatever you choose, the seller must not have any problem in getting the inspection of used car done. However, if the seller is unwilling and not allowing you to do the inspection; then you should consider it as an indication of some problem with the vehicle. In that situation, the best option you have is to stop the current dealing and leave the place for another car deal.

When you go for used car inspection process, try to remember certain effectual things in your mind. Try to check all the fluids of the vehicle methodically. The fluids must be in a golden or slightly brown color, while the antifreeze should be fluorescent green, orange or red, but should not be rusty. It is often seen that a geyser of hot antifreeze drenches the engine. Check it by removing the radiator cap. You need to remain careful while checking fluids. Look under the oil cap, if it has a milky color, the problem is in head gasket of the engine but if the automatic transmission fluid is red or pink, then there is no problem. Make sure that the fluid is not giving burning smell. These vital fluids are very important to notice and if there is anything suspicious about them, it is better that you do not make the deal.

Frequently the transmission fluid is used as a trick in the oil to reduce valve noise. Oil in the radiator if visible, it can be a sign of a blown head gasket. Sometimes the burnt ATF can also be visible. Try to avoid these bad signs as it can dump your car later. Sometimes the fresh and clean oil is seen, this is again a suspicious point. To clear your doubt, check the oil after a test drive to see the change, if other checking points are over. Park the car on a clean floor after the test drive and put some newspaper under it in order to check the leakage of engine if any.
Some Useful Tips Regarding Car Inspection by:Andy Morgan

When all the checking is over; start the car and listen the sound of engine carefully for sometime. At this stage, if the car does not start easily and does not idle smoothly, then you should take a test drive.

While taking a test drive of the car make sure, that the test drive is lengthy and more than 30 minutes. During driving, check the steering and the brakes.

Therefore, it is essential that you take each and every aspect of the used car into consideration, before you reach at your final decision about buying a vehicle.

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