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Simplifying Antarctic Travel: Airline Flights

Simplifying Antarctic Travel:  Airline Flights

You will get to experience things that other travelers won't

. One of the amazing things to witness is when the compass needle changes polarity due to the magnetic forces at work in the south pole. The unceasing, chilling winds erupting in the direction of the coast, create icy sea sculptures thousands of meters beneath the jet.

Clearly, even from the plane, snow can be seen blowing toward the water. Some look like steam, floating across the glacier's frozen white wasteland.

Traveling over 2,030 kilometers to reach the South Magnetic Pole in 1909, took the first explorers 134 days. They meticulously trod through the deadly ice.

After leaving, the passengers on this flight arrived above the South Magnetic Pole in four hours? time. They spent the day flying above this wild hinterland. Simplifying Antarctic Travel:  Airline Flights

The Magnetic South Pole is the point at which several magnetic force lines collide. These forces greatly affect compasses as airplanes fly over Antarctica. Equipped with satellite guidance and a gyroscope, the jumbo jet is able to hold it's course.

The geographic South Pole - which is different than the magnetic South Pole - is where most explorers in the 1900s raced to discover is approximately 2500 kilometers away. Most of the travelers who make this trek don apparel close to what famous aviators wore back in the day, when flight and travel to the south pole was deemed the most extreme thing a person could do.

Barely separated from the passengers, the Antarctic winds rocket frigidly past. While inside the passengers enjoy the icy view while sipping wine in their vacation garb of T-shirts and shorts.

By the time the jumbo jet was roughly three hours south of the first icebergs could be seen and a party atmosphere took over on the plane. Sightseers of all ages now traipse about the plane, trying to find the best place to see the icebergs.

Nearing the Antarctic coast, more icebergs appear and they become all jumbled together. The passengers are gracious about sharing windows so everyone can snap pictures, shoot videos, or just catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view as the glaciers gracefully and slowly escape into the sea. The view of the huge Trans Antarctic Mountains was awe inspiring for them, as well brilliant white ice caps that were accentuated by streaks of blue.

These tourist flights have revived the aerial tourism for Antarctic that had flourished years ago when there were regular flights of jumbo aircraft by two major airlines across this dark and cold continent. You should expect to see mountains, coastlines, bergs and wildlife as you make your way over the Antarctic.

And you should also get a good view of one of the many different research bases that dot the area. This base isn't a long way from the South Magnetic Pole. It was reached first by geologists.

by: John Chambers
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