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Senior Travel - Winter Travel Tips For Seniors

Senior Travel - Winter Travel Tips For Seniors

Winter travel tips for seniors can help the elderly deal with traveling under harsh weather conditions

. The goal is to make winter trips as comfortable as possible, and keep traveler's safe.

Each Year thousands of seniors endure winter travel to visit family and friends. Some seniors grew up in winter weather and are used to it. However, others might be experiencing cold weather for the very first time.

Every season has its own requirements, and winter travel is no exception. You need to learn quickly about winter weather precautions, because the cold can be unforgiving to those who do not dress appropriately. A winter vacation can become a marvelous experience for anyone that has never been in cold weather or snow. There are some seniors, who have made their first snowman when they were in their 60s or older, while other seniors feel like kids again when they see it snowing.

Winter Travel Tips for SeniorsSenior Travel - Winter Travel Tips For Seniors

Dress Appropriately - If you don't wear the right clothes, you are going to feel the bite of cold weather. You will need sweaters, a parka or other cold weather coat, gloves or mitts to cover your hands, ear muffs, a scarf, winter boots, some wool socks, and a winter cap.

Wear Layers - Wearing layers of clothes is an important winter travel tip. Wearing different layers of clothes helps to better insulate the body against the cold. If you wear layers, you can also take off shirts or sweaters as you become warmer. You can then add them as you get colder, too.

Check Your Tires - You should be using snow tires, which have more tread. In deeper snow, you might need chains on your tires, so put some in the trunk of your car, just in case you need them.

Drive Slowly - Another winter travel tip to keep you safe is to drive slowly. Snowy and icy streets are even a serious hazard for residents who are accustomed to winter. It can be treacherous for those unfamiliar with it. Snow and ice is slippery and your tires can easily spin and you can lose control of your car.

Black ice (thin layers of ice that isn't visible when you are driving) causes many accidents and fatalities every year around the United States. Many seniors also lose their footing on streets and slip and fall, risking the possibility of breaking bones.

Survival Kits - Seniors also need winter survival kits to put in their cars. These include blankets, a First Aid Kit, sand to help give the tires some traction, a shovel, compass, emergency food, and other items.

Drive in Populated Areas - You should only drive where there are people around if you are not familiar with the area. Don't venture off to some back roads where you don't see any cars or people. If your car breaks down in a populated area, you should be able to find someone to assist you, but it's a little more difficult when no one is around.Senior Travel - Winter Travel Tips For Seniors

Walking Around - Seniors need to be extra careful when walking around during winter travel. It is so easy to lose your footing and fall when it is slippery from the snow and ice. For this reason you need cold weather boots with non-slip soles.

Winter Travel Tips for Seniors - Conclusion

If you use winter travel tips for seniors, you can enjoy yourself. Who wouldn't want to drink some hot chocolate or roast marshmallows over an open fire in the cold? These are just some of the events that make winter holidays memorable for seniors.

by: Carrie Roberts
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